Phoenix Against The World Chapter 20 – Fiery Red Hair [8]

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When she was born, the emperor personally decreed, the Qinghe fief that was north of the main city belonged to her. At that time, all the people in the country said that she was the wealthiest child in Nan Yi country, even the crown prince could not compare.

   After the death of the First Princess, the Miyang and Qinghe fiefs, the taxes collected from both are owned by Huang Bei Yue, by all accounts she should be very rich, but now all she had were only a few copper and iron coins!

   When she was younger, balancing the books and taxes, she would naturally not understand these things, so it handed over to consort Prince Xiao(her father) for remote management.

But Consort Prince Xiao is a warrior, what interest does he have in accounting? At that time the beautiful concubines seduced the master and after some pillow talk, got the master to give the account books to Concubine Xue for management, who then handed the Qinghe fief account books to Concubine Qin.

The two women after receiving the management of such huge taxes, became the most beautiful concubines of Nan Yi country, they gathered many attendants,were regarded as honored guests to many businesses as the spent lavishly, making the first wives of many families endlessly jealous!

“Hmph, holding my money yet being so arrogant!” Huang Bei Yue grit her teeth, she could not afford to buy medicine, while Concubine Qin spent a few thousand coins on jewelry.

       “In fact, the Second Miss’ talent is not so good, so Concubine Qin has been spending a lot of money to buy elixir, to help the Second Miss build her cultivation base, as elixirs are expensive, it accounts for a large part of the income,so Concubine Xue is usually not too generous towards Concubine Qin.

   Pei Xiang kept talking endlessly, who let Concubine Qin not give birth to a son who was eligible to become a Summoner? Even if the young master was skilled in martial arts and became powerful, it was still less powerful that a than Summoner ah!

   “Becoming a three star summoner by fifteen years of age is already good enough for the future.” To become a master in Nan Yi country, this was the path to follow.

   Being fifteen or sixteen years old and becoming a three star summoner, would fare her well later.

   Today she encountered that Shen Yan, who also at the age of fifteen broke through to become a three star summoner, now he had become a six star summoner, and was respected wherever he went.

   Of course, the premise of levels means nothing to Huang Bei Yue’s abnormal strength.

   “Second Miss’ strength is very good, so master and grandmaster dote on her, if Third Miss wishes to control the house, I am afraid that Concubine Xue cannot be touched at first” Pei Xiang sincerely said.

   “I just asked about the tax situation only, I did not say I wanted to control the house.” Huang Bei Yue smiled as she put down her chopsticks.

   Pei Xiang’s heart burst of disappointment: “Third Miss, but……”

   “If I don’t control them now, it doesn’t mean I won’t in the future, since you chose to follow me, then I will not let you suffer later.”

   “Yes, this slave must be loyal to the Third Miss!”

Huang Bei Yue Nodded, then suddenly remembered something, and asked: “I’m fifteen this month, are the Empress Dowager and Princess Xi not coming back? ”

   Pei Xiang laughed: “Yes, as long as the Empress Dowager and Princess Xi are back, they will call Third Miss into the palace!”

The Empress and Princess Xi, were the biggest backers of the Third Miss, at that time, even the Xiao family head dare not call her useless!

   In fact, her asking for news about the Empress Dowager and Princess Xi’s return wasn’t because she needed a patron to help her regain control of the family, she just wanted to repay the dead Huang Bei Yue.

   Moreover, she felt the death of Princess Hui Wen was also very strange. The first princess’ body had been very good, her temperament was gentle, and she was elegant and healthy, but suddenly she got a serious illness and died.

   Accounting for the body of Huang Bei Yue that was now hers, it was necessary for her to help the princess find out somethings.


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