Phoenix Against The World Chapter 21 – Fiery Red Hair [9]

Sending Pei Xiang away, Huang Bei Yue went into the secret room, discovered Dong Ling struggling to sit up, she quickly went to stop her.

“Don’t move.”

“Miss, I heard Pei Xiang’s voice, did she come to bully you again?”

Even in her sleep Dong Ling was nervous, vaguely hearing Pei Xiang’s voice, she woke immediately and went instinctively to protect her mistress.

“Relax, no one will bully me anymore. Are you hungry? Pei Xiang brought food.”

Comforting her loyal maid, Huang Bei Yue also felt her pulse. Her injury has healed already. The reason why she was weak was because she has been starving.

“There’s food?” Dong Ling opened her eyes wide, as if hearing something unbelievable, shouted after pausing in shock.

“Pei Xiang brought this food? Did you eat it? Miss, how could you eat it?”

Dong Ling was so anxious that she almost cried, that Pei Xiang has never given them any slack, if she wasn’t bullying Mistress, she’d be teasing her.

One time she pretended to be generous and gave mistress a piece of meat, that caused mistress to vomit nonstop after eating it.

This time she brought food unexpectedly, what kind of trick is she playing?

Huang Bei Yue smiled faintly, she could feel that the care this young girl had for her was genuine, not false at all. It touched her deeply.

She knew she wasn’t the best person, and not a lot of people were nice to her, but to everyone who treated her well, she would doubly appreciate and repay.

“Dong Ling, listen to me. No one will bully us anymore, I have already grown and know how to protect myself.”

“Miss…” Dong Ling’s eyes became teary. She kneeled suddenly, and lay sobbing on Bei Yue’s lap.

Was she dreaming? She has dreamt of mistress saying this to her so many times, but every time she wakes up, mistress remains unchanged.

Huang Bei Yue shook her head helplessly, patted her shoulder and said “Alright, what’s with the crying? Let’s see if your injury is better.”

Dong Ling started, only to realize that she actually felt no pain!

Weren’t the injuries obviously severe? Aunt Qin’s whip has never withheld force, how was it that there weren’t any scars?

She pulled at her sleeves and clothes to search her body, discovered that not only her wounds were healed, but her skin had also become smooth and soft, like a baby’s.

Dong Ling flushed in excitement “Miss, what happened?”

“I am a summoner now.” Huang Bei Yue said lazily, leaning on a pillow.

Dong Ling’s eyes widened, and grew even bigger. A summoner…

This was a dream, this had to be a dream!

Mistress could barely gather energy before, how was it possible that she became a summoner?

Huang Bei Yue knew that she had doubts, if she told Dong Ling that she didn’t need to gather energy and yet could make beasts surrender to her, this naïve young girl would surely not believe her.

“Perhaps because of my young age in the past, I wasn’t able to master the secrets. But I started to get a feel of the summoning tactics last night and finally learning them successfully.”

Dong Ling looked at her, suddenly jumping up. “This is great! Once you become a summoner, who cares even if there is only one star, no one will bully you!”

A summoner, what a sacred job. In the Carta continent Ta, countless people dream of becoming a summoner, but strict lineage and talent limited the profession.

As long as one has the talent of a summoner, they’ll get respect from people everywhere.


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