Phoenix Against The World Chapter 22 – Fiery Red Hair [10]

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Mistress is only twelve years old and she has already become a summoner. She simply has to work hard and practice and she will surely succeed, and change the minds of people who had previously looked down upon them.

One star…

Huang Bei Yue raised her eyebrows slightly and summoned magical ice bird, her power had to equal the prince in a fight, with one star, it’s too weak.

But looking at how happy Dong Ling is, she didn’t want to explain any more.

“Dong Ling, my powers are weak right now. To avoid unnecessary trouble, let’s not broadcast it first, we can talk about it more when the Empress Dowager and Princess Xi come back, okay?”

“I know, Miss.” Dong Ling quickly answered.

This version of Mistress is different from how she was before, she takes things into account, and is so assertive, completely different from the Mistress before who was weak, naive, and would panic and cry when she encountered difficulties.

Mistress has really grown up! If Princess Chang was still here, and could see Mistress like this, she’d be thrilled.
(T/N Bei Yue’s mom’s full name is Princess Hui Wen Chang – I always left of the chang by accident whoops)
For the next half day, Huang Bei Yue didn’t step foot out of the house, staying at home to study “Beasts Without Boundaries”.

She tried to use her energy to slowly check on the situation in the black jade, but every time it is as if she has run into a tall wall, no matter her attempts to concentrate, there was no way to break through.

She could vaguely feel a powerful force surging in the black jade, like the rush of thousands of stampeding beasts, and was cautiously terrified, wondering the depth of devastation and destruction that would be caused by the force if she were to release it.

She was faintly expectant, despite her inability to check on the situation in the black jade, that she would still able to establish a connection with the black jade, like how she was able to harness the black jade’s power to defeat the magical ice bird today.

It has even caused her hair color and appearance to change. If she was able to gather enough energy, perhaps she could understand “Beasts Without Boundaries” more deeply.

Without realizing, the sky had darkened and Dong Ling hurriedly pushed open the door, came in and said “Miss, Master has called everyone to the front hall.”

“What happened?” Huang Bei Yue asked, stood up after putting away the black jade.

Dong Ling shook her head, the house’s maidservants have always been snobby to her, refusing to be associated with her, fearful of bad luck, that’s why she wasn’t able to hear any news.

“Let’s go see.” She also wanted to see those people who forced Huang Bei Yue to die.

She walked out with Dong Ling without changing her clothes, simply wearing a plain cloak.

Walking through the empty Flowing Clouds Pavilion for a long time, voices could gradually be heard.

Princess Chang’s house was full of servants, not to mention wealthy, it had the glory of Princess Chang’s name, as well as the influence of the Xiao family, so it was incredibly lively.

The pavilions and architecture around the house, were exquisitely and beautifully designed, along with the delicately carved cornices scattered between the false trees, created a classical, poetic and hazy atmosphere.

Through the long hallways and many rooms in the house, turning a corner in another few steps, suddenly voices speaking could be heard.

“Her hair was as red as fire! It was hard to look at her! The beast she summoned was one of the five ice beasts-they were magical ice bird!”

“What? Ice beasts appeared? Who exactly was that nobleman? That he was actually in league with the magical ice bird!”

“That was a terrific nobleman! And she decided to stay in our Nanyi Nation, I’ll tell you that our master and that nobleman are friends!”

“A summoner with magical ice bird is friends with Master? Is this true?” –

Today the road has been changed with nine thousand words, and rolling up the next prize loot.~~


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