Phoenix Against The World Chapter 23 – Shameful Humiliation[1]

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“Well of course! Today Master is even inviting her to stay at his home, but that nobleman enjoys the quiet. He’s a big deal you know, so he doesn’t like to be disturbed!”

“Master is actually quite terrific! To have Master as our superior has allowed us to enjoy the glory as well!”

Friends with Xiao Zhongqi?

Huang Bei Yue sneered coldly to herself, count yourself lucky that I didn’t kill you today, but to befriend each other, what kind of feverish dream were you having?

She was exhausted after defeating the magical ice birds today, how was she to remember that she still had to handle a person like Xiao Zhongqi? Next time, he won’t be this lucky.

The crowd surrounding an arrogant Xiao Zhongqi was full of brown-nosers, feeding into Master Xiao’s ego delightfully, as if they were the ones who became a nine star summoner.

Suddenly someone looked up, and saw Huang Bei Yue, their face turned mocking at once, raised their voice to say “Look quickly, that piece of garbage actually showed up!”

After what that person said, all the people around Xiao Zhongqi turned their heads, and started to laugh.

“Why can’t she show up? Today is actually her big day!”

“Third sister, how has your health been? If you haven’t been well, let’s not go to the front hall, lest that you get overwhelmed by anger? Said Xiao Zhongqi, shamelessly laughing.

The crowd surrounding him naturally laughed along.

“No wonder she’s the shame of the Xiao family, letting down and causing Old Master to lose face!”

“Better to die than to continue living like this!”

“Shut up!” Dong Ling had an impulsive personality, easily angered after hearing the rude words spoken by these people.

“Oh, how dare you shout out at Master, you must be sick of living!” A house servant viciously slapped Dong Ling.

Huang Bei Yue’s eyes were steely cold, as she was about to make a move, Xiao Zhongqi suddenly said “Stop.”

That house servant immediately lowered his hand out of respect, grinning at Xiao Zhongqi with cowardice “Master, what are your orders? We should teach this idiot girl, we have a lot up our sleeves!”

“Don’t beat that girl now, lest you piss off and kill third sister, we still need someone to collect her body right?”

Xiao Zhongqi glanced scornfully at Huang Bei Yue, then gleefully laughed, and led his lackeys away.

“Miss?” Dong Ling looked at her worriedly, “What Master just said…”

“Would I be that easily angered?” Huang Pei Yue said.

In the front hall…

Walking into the yard, there were numerous armored guards standing outside the hall, a low snickering laugh floated from the front hall.

Butler Zhou who was guarding the door outside saw Huang Bei Yue, rushed down at once, angrily scolded “Why are you taking your time? And rudely making your guests wait for you, what a disappointment to the Xiao family!”

While scolding and ushering Huang Bei Yue towards the front hall, he completely missed the change from the usual cowardice to the coolness in her stare.

Many people were already seated in the front hall, in the seat of honor sat Xiao Yuan Cheng, and middle aged man with a rounded belly.

On the left, sat Concubine Qin, Concubine Xue, second mistress Xiao Yun, oldest mistress Xiao Ling respectively, as well as several young ladies and gentlemen.

On the right, sat several strangers, one of which was a finely dressed young man, handsome, proud, and on his collar, were four dazzling flame patterns.

Looking barely twenty years old, and was already a four star summoner.

Below him, sat a few capable-looking men.


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