Phoenix Against The World Chapter 24 – Shameful Humiliation[2]

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That well-dressed young man kept looking towards the beautiful Xiao Yun, but Xiao Yun ignored him, immersed deep in thought while playing with her fingertips.

The finely garbed young man couldn’t help but feel disappointed, he swept his gaze, all around, and focused onto Huang Bei Yue who had just walked in the door, dressed in clothes as pale as snow, looking cool and elegant.

A palm-sized face albeit its paleness, could not conceal the beauty and elegance in her exquisite facial features.

Startled, the young man wondered in surprise. This wouldn’t happen to be Princess Bei Yue? After not seeing her for a few years, she has grown to become so beautiful.

All of the sitting daughters of the Xiao family, are all beauties of the ages, of which fifteen-year-old Xiao Yun was the most beautiful, dressed in a brocade dress designed with light rose red magnolia flowers and branches, hair pulled in a complicated Chaoyun bun, adorned in gold beaded hair pins, jade earrings, and she even wore a luck-bringing jade Pisces necklace.

Although lightly made up, the luxurious accessories that accompanied her, clearly showed off her beauty, drawing the sights of everyone around, with the added reputation of a summoner, it gave her an even more refined aura, she is simply the goddess in every man’s mind.

Huang Bei Yue and Xiao Yun, one is simple and refined, while the other is dignified and gorgeous, both undeniable beauties.

Too bad for the fact that Huang Bei Yue was garbage, it didn’t matter how attractive she was. Women should be tasteful like Xiao Yun.

The young man made up his mind, met the gaze of Huang Bei Yue, with scorn.

Huang Bei Yue did not look at him. She walked into the front hall, found a seat next to first sister Xiao Ling, and sat down wordlessly, behaving as if no one in the house existed.

Xiao Yuan Cheng’s face turned gloomy instantly, and a look of disgust flashed across his face. Pity that there were guests present, it would be improper to instigate, so in regret he faced the fat middle-aged man and said.

“We tease Anguo Gong (not a name but a title for an official in charge of nation security), this is our young daughter Bei Yue.”


Anguo Gong struggled to open his eyes, that was sunken into his meaty face, to look at Huang Pei Yue, guffawed “So this is Princess Pei Yue, she does look like the angelic beauty that Princess Hui Wen Chang was back in the day!”

Anguo Gong was one of the most powerful figures in the Nan Yi nation, with ancestors who collected good fortune, as well as descendants who also worked hard, allowing their family to retain their princely title until now.

This Anguo Gong may be a fat man, but he actually has a cunning mind, ever since inheriting the Anguo Gong title, he has been marrying off royal daughters to attract house guests. Now there are masters knocking on the door, even a nine star mid-level summoner. The strength was almost comparable to the royal prince, though it is unfortunate that he doesn’t have the power to call beasts.

The current son of the Anguo Gong, which is also this finely dressed young man, nineteen years old, has achieved the high level of four stars, which is already regarded as a minor success!

Hearing the praise that Anguo Gong gave to such an unimpressive waste of a person, Aunt Qin laughed and said in a honeyed voice “Oh yes, she may have Princess Chang’s beauty, but she lacks the Princess’s talent. Pity!”

Anguo Gong guffawed, his whole plump body shaking, echoed with a laugh “Pity, pity!”

If this Princess Bei Yue had any strength remotely, even if she can’t compare to Xiao Yun, it is still quite well, since she not only has the reputation of Princess Chang, she also has the protection of the Empress Dowager and the King.

Perhaps if Princess Chang still lived, her garbage status would have been fine, but with Princess Chang’s death, then what was the use with this piece of trash?

“Guogong Ye, about what was just said…” Xiao Yuan Cheng glanced at Huang Bei Yue, and slowly opened his mouth.


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