Phoenix Against The World Chapter 25 – Shameful Humiliation[3]

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“How does the consort prince feel?” Anguo Gong’s eyes gleamed.

Xiao Yuan Cheng stroked the beard on his chin, he looked silently at the corner, Huang Bei Yue appeared emotionless, and was looking at Xiao Yun, the dignified looking beloved daughter.

The contrast between two was stark, one heavenly, and one who belongs underground.

Bei Yue will not have any future, even with the title of princess, there still wouldn’t be any man from an average family willing to marry her. The large family was afraid of and resented her sickly body, they can only hope for a dependable average person who would be willing to marry into the house of Princess Chang.

When Princess Hui Wen Chang was still alive, she had the support of the Empress Dowager and the devotion of the King, which were lost when Bei Yue was born. At the same time the old Anguo Gong had a brief friendship with Princess Hui Wen Cheng, so they set up a marriage betrothal between Huang Bei Yue and the son of Anguo Gong Xue Che.

In the past, Anguo Gong had thought that this would be a good marriage, that it would definitely bring great glory to the house of Anguo Gong, but who would’ve thought, that the young Princess Hui Wen Chang would suddenly pass away, and leave behind this useless trash?

A sick child, a piece of garbage, and the joke of the Nanyi nation. How can she possibly match up to the son of Anguo Gong who was already a four-star summoner and had a promising future?

Because of this, Anguo Gong repeated reconsidered, and decided to bring Xue Che to the house in order to cancel the marriage.

To save face for the Xiao family, Anguo Gong and Xiao Yuan Cheng discussed privately, that perhaps they could select a different Xiao daughter to marry into the Anguo Gong family.

That fifteen-year-old, three star summoner Xiao Yun was quite nice, Master Anguo determined, this girl will certainly be a bright star in the future and would definitely bring endless benefit to the Anguo Gong house.

“Father.” The well-dressed young man Xue Che suddenly stood up, grinned at Xiao Yun with what he thought was a gentlemanly smile, and looked towards Anguo Gong, “I, your child, am already nineteen years old, I wish to make my own decisions for my own marriage, Father and Uncle Xiao I hope you understand.”

Once Xue Che’s words were spoken, there was no doubt that he expressed the uncomfortable inner thoughts of everyone present.

It turned out that the purpose of the visit was to resolve the marriage contract with the sickly third sister!

At once, the faces of the numerous mistresses and ladies sitting in the front hall shone with wonder and excitement.

Even Xiao Yun joined in the ridiculing laughter, she looked towards Huang Bei Yue, and momentarily expressed snobbish pity.

Standing behind Huang Bei Yue, Dong Ling grew angry and flushed red, tears began to swirl in her eyes, and she clenched her fists tightly at her sides.

Huang Bei Yue looked at her slightly with calm black eyes, sparkling with elegant coolness like gems.

Seeing that look, Dong Ling calmed down after a moment.

Humph! What kind of idiot was the son of Anguo Gong! He must be blind! The current mistress is not trash, and you dare to turn down the marriage with such fanfare now, you better not regret it in the future!

“Son, based on your current power and status, Bei Yue is really not good enough for you.” Xiao Yuan Cheng didn’t even pay attention to the feelings of the weak and incompetent third daughter.

He was now only concerned with not losing Anguo Gong’s family as in-laws, it would be great if their two families could be joined in marriage.

Marrying off a useless Huang Bei Yue, has no purpose at all. Why not let them marry Yun’er? With her intellect and capabilities, it would only enhance the Xiao family!-


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