Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 26 Shameful Humiliation [4]

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“Xiao Uncle must be joking, with Princess Bei Yue’s distinguished status, I am not worthy of her.” Xue Che stood up and saluted, although his mouth was full of humble words, his tone indicated that he was full of ridicule.

Anguo Gong with his fat trembling said: “Princess Bei Yue is only twelve years old this year, while Che’er has reached the marriageable age, this marriage is indeed wrong. But the old Anguo Gong and Princess Hui Wen Cheng had set up the marriage, I did not dare abolish it, if the Xiao family had a daughter of marriageable age, I Anguo Gong will take her back to marry into the family.”

Concubine Qin quickly rushed to say: “My daughter is Xiao Ling seventeen this year, along with your eldest son the age is the right match!”

Originally when she heard Anguo say so, Xue Che’s eyes have been boldly staring at the beautiful Xiao Yun, his eyes expressed his feelings, boldly expressing his feelings, but when he heard the words of Concubine Qin he was seized with terror.

Be with the Xiao’s eldest daughter Xiao Ling?

All of the eyes of the people in the hall turned to look at Huang Bei Yue and Xiao Ling.

Today Xiao Ling had deliberately dressed up, her eyebrows were like crescent moons, her eyes were cool, her dress was a fine smoke blue satin, flowing with excess fabric yet defining her waist, causing her to look elegant when moving.

She had not said anything from beginning to end, only after hearing the words of Concubine Qin did she look up, looking timidly at Xiao Yun and Concubine Xue, before quickly bowing her head.

She was just the pampered daughter of a concubine, how could she dare to grab Xiao Yun’s limelight?

Concubine Qin was clearly afraid that that Xiao Yun would marry Anguo Gong’s eldest son, and with  that famous family’s backing, Concubine Xue would then use the opportunity to take control of the family, and just push her right out.

If this really happened,how would Concubine Xue and Xiao Yun let her go?

But she really did not dare offend Concubine Xue, so what could she do at this time?

While she was hesitating, Huang Bei Yue’s tender voice sounded: “Prince Che, you want to cancel your engagement with me because my incompetence will make you lose face in the future, if you want to marry a wife that will give you face, my sister is a good choice.”

At her words, Anguo Gong and Xiao Yuan Cheng both hesitated simultaneously, they were both thinking it but the waste actually said it aloud.

“Huang Bei Yue, what are you talking about?” Xiao Yun turned to look at her, her chest pounding with anger.

This was just saying that she was a vegetable in the same market, that someone could just pick and chose!

Xue Che was indeed one of Nan Yi countries young talents, but she was also known as the genius XIao Yun! Only she was allowed to pick and chose some, how could she allow someone to do the same to her!?

“Second sister, did I say something wrong? You are beautiful, Prince Che is thoroughly handsome, you two are just a perfect match ah, you guys are beyond me!”

Huang Bei Yue raised her fine little face, her clear eyes glowing smartly, her words sounded so natural that people could not even be angry.

In the end, Xiao Yun was still young, hearing her straight forwards words, she suddenly became shy and blushed in shame.

Only a fool who didn’t understand the situation would say such words!

Xue Che was very happy, Huang Bei Yue had said the words in his heart, he was just too embarrassed to say it.

He happily cast Huang Bei Yue a grateful look, although this girl was a waste, she was occasionally useful ah!

Xue Che grabbed Xiao Yun’s trembling hand: “Xia Uncle, Yun’er meimei is talented and intelligent, I have admired her for a long time, please Xiao Uncle fulfill my request.”

Huang Bei Yue;s eyebrows rose, she did not think that Xue Che was this bold.

Ah Xue Che, your former fiance is still sitting here, the marriage has not yet been officially released, yet you dare court another woman in front of my face!


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