Phoenix Against The World Chapter 27 – Shameful Humiliation [5]

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Xiao Yuan Cheng was happy in his mind, looking at concubine Xue, he said: “If Yun-er likes him, then of course it is good”

Xiao Yun was secretly delighted, she shy looked away, and gently pulled Concubine Xue’s sleeves, and said: “Let’s listen to father’s command.”

“It is better this way, Yun-er and Prince Cheare bother going to study at the Central Spirit College, you can bother learn and exchange ideas with each other, once they get familiar, then we can have the marriage.”

Xiao Yuan Cheng turned to look at Anguo Gong: “ What do you think?”

“Good! Of course it is good! Che-er can marry Xiao Yun, it would be his good fortune ah!” Anguo Gong laughed, his fat stomach quivering up and down.

“Thank you Uncle Xiao, Thank you father!” Xue Che was overjoyed, quickly facing the two elders he bowed, and then turned to Concubine Xue and bowed, then he looked at Xiao Yun: “Thank you Yun-er meimei!”

Xiao Yun angrily looked at him, though in her heart she was very joyful.
They successfully canceled a marriage and formed another one, the Xiao Family had some ups and downs, but all of them, including Concubine Qin were all happy.

Anguo Gong beckoned, a guard standing outside came in holding a gorgeous box and placed it on the table.

The inside of the box contained a jade lock and a certificate of divorce!

When Huang Bei Yue saw the black and white words, her expression turned completely cold.

She did not care that Xue Che had decided to cancel the engagement, however, this does not mean that she would be the one abandoned!

“This is the jade lock that the old Anguo Gong and the late Princess used to hold the engagement certificate,the old Anguo Gong also gave Princes Bei Yue the Jade heirloom, now that we have canceled the marriage, the jade lock should be returned, and Princess Bei Yue should also return the Jade heirloom.”

Anguo Gong looked at the weak Huang Bei Yue, who was put on a pedestal by the old Anguo Gong, and looked at her condescendingly.

A twelve-year old waste, so what if she was a princess? Now who would shield her?

Huang Bei Yue went over, dressed in white, her body thin, her face pale and haggard, looking delicate and harmless, the eyes of the servants turned from a sarcastic sneer into one of pity.

She picked the certificate up, and holding it between her index finger and thumb, held it in front of Anguo Gong: “A certificate of divorce?”

“Is Princess Bei Yue illiterate? If you can’t read, I can have Che-er read it to you line by line.”

Huang Bei Yue shook her head, her lips slowly opened, revealing a devilish smile: “What qualifications does Xue Che have to leave this princess? Anguo Gong, you seem to have forgotten, I am the daughter of Princess Bei Yue from the royal family, the emperor has bestowed me with a second class rank, while your son Xue Che is nothing but fifth ranked goods of the military,that he met me and did not kneel is already a felony, but he also dared to break his engagement to me?”

(T/N so the ranks are basically like the feudal system. She’s a direct descendant from the royal family so she’s like a duke I think. While Anguo Gong’s son has their strength from the military and his 5th rank would be about a commander not quite a general in the army)

After she finished speaking, the entire hall was quiet.

Then the people soon started laughing at Huang Bei Yue while they stared at her.
Was the Third Miss too stimulated by today’s events and became confused in her brain? She actually dared to challenge Anguo Gong?

Her identity as a princess was now in name only, but she is still trying to use it to pressure people? iF Anguo Gong became angry, she could not afford to bear it!

“Bei Yue! What nonsense are you saying,you cannot be rude, get out of here!”

Xiao Yuan Cheng stood up and pounded the table, full of anger and about to explode.

He had never had any affection for his daughter, when he had married her mother Princess Hui Wen Chang, he suffered alot humiliation, he hated both the mother and daughter!

“How is it nonsense? Isn’t what I said the truth?” The girl’s voice was loud, blocking the speech of everyone else, making them speechless.


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