Phoenix Against The World Chapter 28 – Shameful Humiliation [6]

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“You, you dared to keep disgracing me?” Xiao Yuan Cheng jumped up, if not because the Empress and Princess Xi were behind her, he would have beaten up and killed this uppity girl!

Huang Bei Yue only looked on coldly, he was not her biological father, so why would she give him face?

“The person disgracing you is not me but you yourself! It was you who married Princess Hui Wen, now you hope that Anguo Gong would regret the marriage proposal to me, matching Xue Che and Xiao Yun was also your idea, so how is it not my business?”

Everyone just stared, the Third Miss had gone crazy, she had gone completely crazy ah!

Huang Bei Yue just looked on with her cold and indifferent dark eyes, Xiao Yuan Cheng could feel the black eyes on him, his fingers shaking, he pointed at her: “Just watch and see if I do not kill you today!”

Kill her? Was he dreaming?

She stood there without moving, coldly watching Xiao Yuan Cheng, waiting for him to come and kill her.

Xiao Yuan Cheng of course did not dare come, if he had the courage to kill Huang Bei Yue, he would have killed her as early as eight hundred years ago!
(Sorry dad she wasn’t even born yet?)

Although looking at this girl made him upset, her identity was too untouchable ah!

He secretly conspired, that not letting her have a good day in her life is the biggest revenge he could do! If Huang Bei Yue really died, then how could the Empress and the Emperor allow the Xiao family to exist?

Although the Xiao family had big influence, they also had to rely on the royal family ah!

“Master, don’t be angry, do not let this cheap girl hurt your body with anger!” Concubine Xue quickly came over and began patting Xiao Yuan Cheng on his back, then whispered: “Aren’t Anguo Gong and his people still here? This girl is crazy, when the others leave you can go and slowly put her in her place!”

Also now, the most important thing was the marriage to Anguo Gon’s house.

Xiao Yuan Cheng took a few deep breaths, calming down, he stared fiercely at Huang Bei Yue. He then turned to appease Anguo Gong: “Anguo Gong, this girl does not have a good upbringing, please don’t take offense.”

Anguo Gong and Xue Che faces were livid with anger at Huang Bei Yue’s words, since this girl wanted to be defiant, he would definitely let her pay the price!

But of course, he cannot come outrightly deal with her for the same reason as Xiao Yuan Cheng, the people behind this girl were the Empress and the Emperor!

If it couldn’t be done outrightly, it would be performed secretly!

“Regardless, it is just a child speaking so don’t worry.” Anguo Gong replied as his fat face presented a false smile, “Princess Bei Yue’s honor is untouchable, but today we are here to dissolve the marriage agreement, does the Princess not agree? Does the princess need to rely on our Anguo Gong family?”

“Rely on?” Huang Bei Yue sarcastically laughed, “Anguo Gong is really funny ah, you think that everyone is like you, believing that your son is a treasure? In my eyes he is nothing!”

“Then why do you refuse to hand over the jade heirloom?!”

Anguo Gong could not stand to be could calm, he had lost face in front of so many people, and the person who humiliated him was a twelve-year-old girl, no matter how he good he tried to seem, the conversation was over!

Huang Bei Yue simply laughed out loud: “What jade? I don’t even know which pawn shop I sent it to! According to custom, the party that lost the token of engagement is the one who took the initiative to end the marriage arrangement. So it is I who divorced Xue Che!”

There was a slapping sound as the certificate was slammed against the table!

The strength of the sound and her voice shocked the whole room, causing the hearts of everyone to jump at the same time!

“Okay, it is as Princess Bei Yue said ah!”

After saying this, Anguo Gong wheezed and panted as he sneered at her and got up to his feet.

“I did not think that the Xiao family contained such an arrogant daughter ah, my eyes have really opened!”


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  1. Huang Bei Yue only looked on coldly, he was not her biological father, so why would she give him face?

    — Dear blazaria, if Xiao Yuan Cheng is not her father, then who was it? Is HBY think she only transmigrate so XYC is not her real father? Or maybe in previous chapter there’s mentioned that XYC not her real father and I miss out the fact? Thank you….

      1. Thanks for clarifying. I got confused there as well. Shame on that man. He obviously did not treasure her mother/first wife/high order princess as much as he should have with his other concubines and children. If I was the royal family I’d have investigated her death and have the rest of them beheaded for letting her die >_>’

  2. Thank you for the chapter. I was confused while reading the manhua because it did not show why the father was soooo mad at her and didn’t protect his daughter. Oh, so he hated the daughter and mother because if they weren’t alive, the family would might as well be history.

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