Phoenix Against The World Chapter 29 – Shameful Humiliation [7]

Bei Yue gives no face to anyone 😂

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“You flatter me”, Huang Bei Yue said leisurely, as she smiled faintly.

Arrogant? Had he seen her act arrogantly yet? She Huang Bei Yue was arrogant, because she had the right to!

“Consort Prince, since things have been set, I will be leaving.” Anguo Gong said to Xiao Yuan Cheng

“Due to my daughters ignorance, We’ve offended……” Xiao Yuan Cheng quickly sent Anguo Gong out.

Xue Che looked back at Huang Bei Yue before leaving, and in a low voice said: “Princess Bei Yue, today’s shame, I will remember it!”

Huang Bei Yue sarcastically snorted, very well, I will make sure that you can never forget it in this life!

After Anguo Gong left, Huang Bei Yue did not bother with anyone, and went with Dong Ling to the Flowing Cloud pavilion.

In the main hall, Xiao Yun looked angry, and bitterly said: “What kind of madness possessed that girl today? She seemed like a totally changed person!“
She was about to leave when she heard Concubine Qin laugh snidely: “Yun yatou, you stole someone’s fiance, how could she not go crazy?”

“What does it have to do with me? What kind of guy would want to marry a useless, sick waste? A person would be really unlucky to be engaged to her!” Xiao Yun was Concubine Xue’s daughter, so Concubine Qin did not bother to listen to her angry voice.

Concubine Qin sarcastically snorted: “You’re pretending to be mistreated, while reaping the benefits!”

Concubine Xue patted Xiao Yun’s hand, and while smiling she said: “Yun-er, soon you and the son of Anguo Gong will be engaged, in the future you will be the official wife of the Anguo Gong family!”

She deliberately stressed the words ‘Official Wife’ which caused Concubine Xue to become angry, and stomp before leaving.

Xiao Yun proudly said: “She can only become a concubine for her entire life!”

Concubine Xue said: “Yun-er, you should not always bully that sickly child.”

“But she is a waste, and you saw it today mother, she was deliberately trying to embarrass me!” Xiao Yun thought of Huang Bei Yue’s actions today, and became furious.

Concubine Xue frowned: “She was a bit strange today, however, it was only because the shock was too much. Don’t you know? She used to dream of hurrying and marrying into the Anguo Gong family so that she would not be bullied, now that her dreams are broken, she will certainly go crazy.”

“Right, how could that waste even dream of it, it’s too funny!” Xiao Yun laughed proudly.

Concubine Xue patted her hand and said: “Now we have to slowly coax her, next month the empress will return to the palace, if we can coax her to speak some words to the empress, and then let your father make me the first wife, then you can be the the Di daughter of the first wife in this family.”

(T/N so the Di son/daughter is the legitimate daughter of the official first wife because everyone married after the first wife is a concubine. It grants a higher status. Doesn’t matter if the concubines children were born first, Di children are usually given the best of everything)

Xiao Yun’s eyes lit up, the Di Miss……she had dreamed of becoming the Di Miss ah!

Although she was given the title of a genius, when she was at the Central Spirit College, in front of those truly noble Di daughters, she as the daughter of a concubine was always made to feel inferior.

Nobody looked down on her openly, but secretly, who didn’t say that she was a concubine born child?

With the identity of a concubine’s daughter, when compared with others, she no choice but to be humble.

If her mother could become the first wife, then she could become the Di daughter, then perhaps, she could see his Royal Highness the Prince……

Xiao Yun’s heart suddenly began beating rapidly, her eyes began shining brightly.

“I know, Mother, I must coax her!” Xiao Yun said firmly

*********************Princess Bei Yue **************

“Miss, weren’t you too impulsive just now? That Anguo Gong does not seem like a good man ah!”

Back in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, Dong Ling was still very worried, Anguo Gong could mobilize a large number of experts, if he wanted to harm the Miss, he could definitely kill the Miss quietly!


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