Phoenix Against The World Chapter 31 – Northern Nation Hostage [1]

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A flight on the Ice Luan Spirit Bird around the outside of a foggy forest once revealed that almost half of the forest was frozen in ice.

“Ice, why did you come here? Causing such chaos?” Sitting cross-legged on the back of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, Huang Bei Yue gently caressed Yu Xiao (Jade Flute), speaking to Ice Luan Spirit Bird mentally.

“I heard the sound of a summoning.” Every time those giant wings flapped, they would generate gusts of wind.

Even if it was windless and peaceful all around, her clothes would still ripple, and strands of red hair would become exposed underneath her cloak, hints of brightness in the night.

Summon, it was probably a summon from the “Beasts Without Boundaries”, because that power was what brought her in as well.

“Master, the way people from Princess Chang’s house treat you, why don’t I make them…”

“No need, I want to plan on my own, you can stay silent in the surroundings.”


Huang Bei Yue slowly raised Yu Xiao, by gently whistling.

Like a gust of wind, that blew from the distant time and space barred by stacks and rows of bright ice blades.

Like a strand of floating gossamer, swaying all around in the silent night, untamed and dancing.

Gentle and ethereal sounds of laughter like a light breeze that can blow out a candle flame.

Hovering low, twisting and turning.

They flew past the foggy forest, and headed towards Ling Huai City slowly.

Suddenly soft qin sounds sounded.

It was like light flowery rain, flowing and flying, that harmonized with the music of the flute, lingering and misty, as though weeping and opening up their heart. (all translated from chinese idioms)

Like misty waves in the lake, in the low swirling spaces between the green willow and the wind, in the whimpering cries of the oriole, leaping over mountains and seas, bitterly searching.

A song of qin and flute, whipped up strong winds.

Men like spring willow, music like autumn wind. (idiom)

Huang Bei Yue started, silently ordered in her mind, to let the Ice Luan Spirit Bird to pursue the qin sounds, its huge form hidden in the dark sky, unseen to mortals.

They entered the capitol silently, the faint qin sounds were just ahead.

Then, the qin sounds suddenly changed, the tone rose high into the clouds and then stopped short.

What’s going on? Her flute sounds hadn’t stopped, why did the ones harmonizing with her suddenly break off?

Suddenly feeling something amiss, Huang Bei Yue put down the jade flute, and said to the Ice Luan Spirit Bird mentally “Can you feel where it is?”

The Ice Luan Spirit Bird flapped its large wings, flew into an increasingly desolate area of the city, and then circled above a rundown looking house.

“It should be here.”
Huang Bei Yue lowered her head to look, and only saw darkness, the house didn’t seem to have anyone there.

Did the faint qin sounds really come from here?

It was already too late, there was no way to see what kind of place this was, but she remembered the location, she wasn’t too familiar with the layout of the Lun Huai City, so it is better to come out tomorrow to ask people about it.

That burst of qin sound, had the air of an immortal revealing themselves with noble arrogance, despite this, however it still seemed helpless.

Like a dream, like reality.

Who was playing those qin sounds? Huang Bei Yue was filled with curiosity, a demeanor as cool as hers, was instead unexpectedly, interested in a person that she has never met before.

She will find this person, no matter who it is, she liked this kind of qin sound, liked the emotion in the music.

Returning to the Floating Clouds Pavilion, after letting the Ice Luan Spirit Bird hide, Huang Bei Yue unexpectedly found that there was a person hiding in the yard.

She may have been a natural killer in a previous life, uncovering hidden whereabouts, but she is really a master among masters.


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