Phoenix Against The World Chapter 30 – Shameful Humiliation [8]

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“Rest assured, I dared to act that way because I can deal with it.” A small Anguo Gong, the most powerful expert he has is a nine star intermediate ranked summoner, which does not have a high ranked spirit beast.

It was know, that even if the Summoners were the same level, if the summoned beasts were not the same, it would be bad for the weaker one.

She now had the Ice Luan Spirit Bird which had a great deal of strength and power, with such a little Anguo Gong, how could he be in her eyes?

After comforting Dong Ling, Huang Bei Yue saw that Dong Ling was doing needlework by candlelight, looking at the basket, it was full of embroidery.

Dong Ling was only a year or two older than her, originally she should also be an innocent child, but over the last few years, they had depended on selling Dong Ling’s embroidery to live,so Huang Bei Yue’s life was a little easier.

Thinking of this, her heart was slightly sorrowful.

“Miss, although the marriage with Xue Che is canceled, Miss you are still young, there will be more and better opportunities.”

Dong Ling raised her head in the light and spoke earnestly.

“After Miss becomes a Summoner, more and more young talented people will come and try to be intimate.”

This girl, was she worried that her feelings were hurt because of her divorce with Xue Che?

How could she be sad? That Xue Che breaking the marriage agreement was her wish, she was afraid that the Anguo Gong family would stick to her like houseflies, and she wouldn’t be able to get rid of them.

That marriage with Xue Che was actually not a good thing, so him and XIao Yun fit together very well!

“Dong Ling, do we really not have anything of value?” Not wanting to continue discussing the marriage, Huang Bei Yue decided to change the topic.

Dong Ling hesitated then looked up, the candle light reflected across her tender face, the maturity shown did not fit her age.

“There is a jade flute that the Princess left behind, the Princess was very fond of it, so this servant did not dare sell it.”

As Dong Ling Spoke, she got up and went to a cupboard on the side, she pulled out a brick piece from the wall, and removed a long box from the space.

Actually hiding it in that place, Dong Ling was quite smart or else, it would have been taken by the other servants already.

Opening the box, an all white jade flute quietly lay in the box, looking at it, the jade was a fine white, crystal clear color that shone, like an ice crystal or snow.

Huang Bei Yue’s eyes were instantly damp: “So beautiful.”

In her memories, it seemed that Princess Hui Wen often played the flute in the courtyard while looking at the moon, her back looking lonely and desolate, who she was playing for was unknown, but in the end whoever heard it could not help but listen.

Picking up the jade flute, she had also played it in her past life, so she gently placed her lips on it, and played a simple tune.

Dong Ling looked surprised: ”Miss when did you learn how to play the flute? This servant did not know!”

“Well, before, mother would occasionally teach me, but since I did not play for many years, it’s a bit unfamiliar.”

Dong Ling seemed to be in a trance: “The Royal First Princess playing, the servant will never forget it.”

Huang Bei Yue patted her shoulder, this girl was really very loyal.

“Dong Ling, I want to try the sound out, I will be back soon.”

“Miss, it’s so late!” Dong Ling worried sh she wanted to come along.

Huang Bei Yue took out a cloak and draped it over her body, “It’s fine.”

Finished speaking, she jumped out the window, in a flash, her figure had disappeared.

Dong Ling stared blankly, so amazing! How did her Miss become so strong?

Could it be that becoming a Summoner made you so powerful? Her heart was full of envy, if she could become a Summoner……


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