Phoenix Against The World Chapter 32 – Northern Nation Hostage [2]

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In the dark, she could immediately feel that person’s breath, and saw in an instant glance where he was at!

Today she humiliated the Anguo Gong and his son, were they this quick to attack her already?

If they dare to come at her, they better not expect to return after coming after her!

A ghostly figure silently snuck past, their black cloak blending with the darkness, as if Asura had arrived.

The black-cloaked figure who hid outside Huang Bei Yue’s room, picked up a bamboo stick, poked through the paste paper covering the window, and released smoke inside, as he did so, his eyes glinted with a wretched smile.

Anguo Gong is definitely going to give him a huge reward now!

This blood-born daughter of the house of Princess Chang, Huang Bei Yue, has the same unique beauty as the former Princess Chang had.

Even though she was still young, she is still tender, so he likes it!

White smoke blew in from the window paper, the black cloaked figure giggled menacingly, rubbed his hands together, and was about to open the window to sneak in, completely unaware of the person standing silently behind him.

If he looked back at this moment, and saw a strange and cold person dressed in a black cloak, he would definitely think that he saw a ghost in the middle of the night!

Huang Bei Yue pulled off the hood of her cloak, and revealed the unrivaled beauty of her young and innocent face, she extended her hand, and gently tapped on the shoulder of the black-cloaked figure.

The black-cloaked figure startled, turned around, and suddenly saw the young girl who was supposed to be in a coma in the house appear in front of him, instantly scaring him back a step.

There was nothing to fear!

This was only a twelve-year-old child!

Even if she wasn’t captured, with his skills as a ultimate warrior, he could easily take her on!

Dwelling on that thought, the black-cloaked figure adjusted his collar, and announced “Princess Bei Yue, listen obediently to uncle (referring to himself in the third person), then perhaps uncle would spare your measly life!”

With pitch black eyes that shined with the coldness of the night, Huang Bei Yue laughed coolly “Do you know about the red-haired sorceress from Lin Huai City, the one with nine star level summoning power, and owns the Ice Luan Spirit Bird?”

The black-cloaked man grew fearful, unsure about the meaning of what the young girl said, but the name of that red-haired summoner who appeared today, has already spread throughout Lin Huai City, it would surely spread through the entire Nan Yi Nation not only after.

“Of course I’ve heard!”

His voice faded as the young girl in front of him suddenly smiled strangely, and that head of black hair slowly became fiery red!

The black-cloaked man’s eyes widened, and panic instantly consumed him from his toes to the top of his head!

“You, you…”

“I’m letting you see exactly who you’re up against, because I fear that you will forget whose hands you died upon when you go to hell!”

“Mercy, mercy!”

The black-cloaked figure could only groan weakly from his throat, the fact that he hasn’t fainted yet at this moment, already proved his strength!

To provoke a nine-star summoner, he is definitely going to be unlucky for eight generations!

A bone-chilling coldness suddenly came from all directions, in the dark night, a huge ice phoenix bird head appeared in front, with its giant mouth open, and swallowed his person whole!

In the moment before death, that black-cloaked figure screamed in his heart – oh god! This garbage from Princess Chang’s house was actually a nine-star summoner!

Huang Bei Yue, she’s the red-haired sorceress! The person who contracted with the ice magical birds!

But these words, he will never be able to say aloud ever again.

“How’s the taste?”

The ice magical bird chewed for a while, as if it were chewing wax, then the ice bird spoke from the heart “Doesn’t taste good.”


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