Phoenix Against The World Chapter 33 – Northern Nation Hostage [3]

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“Relax, follow me, and there will be a lot more meat to eat in the future.”

Mess with her? She, Huang Bei Yue, was actually quite vicious and merciless! (Chinese idiom: swallow people and don’t spit out the bones)

In the room, Dong Ling had fainted from the smoke, Huang Bei Yue checked her pulse, it was only normal smoke, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

Moving Dong Ling onto the bed, and she also laid down herself to rest.

Clutching the “Beast Without Boundaries” in her hands, she knew that with it, she would gradually grow stronger, but with that piece of black jade was too big of a mystery, the fact that she could barely master its secrets, made her incredibly anxious.

A nine star summoner, in the entire Carta mainland, could already be considered a master, but, it is also only limited to the Carta mainland only.

The next day was the birthday of the old queen wife of the Jing’an king, Xiao Yuan Cheng, Aunt Qin and Aunt Snow led the young ladies and gentlemen in their home to the feast at the house, and left behind Huang Bei Yue, the legitimate daughter.

In the past doctors had said that she was seriously ill with sickness, and could infect others, so Xiao Yuan Cheng had ordered, to not let her go out of the house.

It was just as well, there’s less trouble anyways.

After eating a simple breakfast, Huang Bei Yue draped on her black cloak and went out.

The mercenary union at Buji’er Market

After yesterday, the news of the red-haired nine-star summoner who  has spread throughout the entire Lin Huai City, so at the moment that she walked into the Buji’er Market, numerous people held their breath and stared.

“That person is Xi Tian Daren! Wow! The one who contracted with the magical ice beasts!”

“That red hair is too handsome! Xi Tian Daren is too handsome!”

Huang Bei Yue had a petite body, because people couldn’t see her face clearly, many people assumed that she was a short old man, but in the land of Carta where strength is highly favored, even an old man, as long as he was strong enough, will earn respect!

Huang Bei Yue walked into the mercenary union, and people inside immediately came welcomingly “Xi Tian Daren, you’ve come, what can I do for you?”

“I want to earn money.” Huang Bei Yue said straightforwardly.

That person started, earn money? A nine-star summoner, that was not only a symbol of societal status and strength, but also a sign of money!

“I am missing money, whatever mission that earns the most, just assign it to me.”                                                                                      

“Yes, Daren/Master please wait.” That person didn’t dare slow down, so he went immediately to prepare.

Besides, whatever a nine-star summoner wanted to do, they must have their own reasons, what do we lowly people know? It’s better to not talk so much, and stick to their job!

Soon the servant brought over a high-level mission book “The center of Moonfall Valley has an electric type red spider guarding a crystal fruit. If you can get the crystal fruit, there’ll be a reward of a million gold coins.”

Huang Bei Yue’s eyes widened, one million gold pieces!

“I will be return quickly.” She took the mission book, and walked outside, one million gold coins one million gold coins, it can be stolen away by others if she acted too late.

Walking out from the mercenary union, she immediately called the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, and with her body poised, she leapt up vigorously, in a neat and chic manner, dazzling numerous pairs of eyes!

The Moonfall Valley was in the center of the Foggy Forest, flying down from the cliff, the bottom was expansive and open, with tall trees, and rampant beasts, it was simply another foggy forest!

The one million gold prize was too tempting, so Huang Bei Yue was not the only one to come compete for it, there were a few other good mercenary groups that were already lurking deep in every part of the valley.

The red spider was located in the pit of the bottom of the valley, where no grass grew, the earth was burnt slightly red, and was smoking black smoke.


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