Phoenix Against The World Chapter 34 – Northern Nation Hostage [4]

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Rays of lightning shone everywhere, and wherever the lightning touched everything would become burnt into ruins.

That red spider was in the center of the lightning, weaving a network of webs, and the web was hung full of various beasts’ corpses, basically any beasts near it has become its meal!

Many mercenaries gulped when they saw the scene.

“It’s too strong! Damn what level is this beast on?”

Like summoners, beasts were also categorized into classes, from one to twelve, naturally, beasts like the purple flame unicorn and the Ice Luan Spirit Bird don’t even belong in these classes.

‘Wuling’ (five spirit) means that it is the strongest beast in the land, five of the most supreme attributes, with incredible growth potential, with changes occurring all the time (the Chinese had a double negative), that are normally unmatched, so they were generally not categorized at ‘wuling’ level.

“It’s at least above class ten, there’s a level ten blue bat corpse hanging on the web!”

“Ah! To fight a beast above class ten, we’re doomed!”

“No way, it’s one million gold coins! So I came to check out the excitement!”

“Hey! Look! What is that?” A mercenary suddenly pointed to a white shadow in the sky.

Gradually getting closer, a bright crystal light flashed by, a dazzling snow white color flooded into their eyes, to show huge wings spread in the clear sky!

“It’s the Ice Luan Spirit Bird! Even Xi Tian Daren has come!”

Following the surprise, the enormous shadow also pressed down oppressively, the pressure that could only belong to superior beasts whipped up a burst of madness suddenly, enveloping the entire Moonfall Valley into a ferocious storm.

The moment it saw  Ice Luan Spirit Bird pounce down, the red spider immediately raised its head, it truly isn’t wise to provoke beasts classed above level ten, due to their extraordinarily advanced intellect.

Red light glowing all over, the red spider opened its mouth, a bolt of lightning erupted out from its mouth, flashing straight towards to  Ice Luan Spirit Bird.

Huang Bei Yue stood up behind the bird’s back, her hair spilled out from under the hood, and flowed in the wind.

She raised her right hand, thick black air swirled in her palm, and she slowly plucked an icy feather from the back of  Ice Luan Spirit Bird, and used it as a sword, lifting and waving!

It was only two simple moves, but it had produced an earth-shattering effect!

Black gas flowed along the ice feather sword to trail out, forming a rolling and frenzied ribbon of power, to pierce through the lightning that spilled out from the red spider.

Suddenly, the lightning burst, and as if that black gas was broken bamboo, it drilled straight into the red spider’s mouth, rendering the arrogant red spider motionless in an instant.

The red spider stopped moving, and the surrounding lightning had also slowly dispersed.

After the lightning dispersed, then exposed underneath the layers of cobwebs, was a clear crystal, a fruit shining with a bright sheen, growing within a cluster of green leaves.

Huang Bei Yue jumped off the back of  Ice Luan Spirit Bird, and walked towards the fruit.

Only at this time, those surrounding mercenaries who were hiding gradually began to react.

It only took one move.

A red spider beast that was above class ten, was just like that in seconds?!

The quiet all over the place was terrifying, hundreds of pairs of eyes followed Huang Bei Yue’s petite physique that was hidden under the black cloak.

Damn! This unbelievable (literal meaning means perverted, but in this context, it can also mean unbelievable) strength, is enough to make other insanely jealous!!!

Looking at Huang Bei Yue who kicked away the motionless red spider, she stretched out her hand to pick the crystal fruit directly when suddenly a voice sounded-


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