Phoenix Against The World Chapter 35 – Northern Nation Hostage [5]

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Huang Bei Yue was startled, she turned her head, and saw a handsome and adorable youth with red lips and white teeth, looking nervously at her.

This youth was wearing a typical mercenary short robe, a precious snow fox pelt wrapped around his waist, deerskin boots on his feet, with a short black knife in his hand, one look at that knife could tell you that it wasn’t normal fare, and should be made from precious metals.

Couple with his handsome face, he didn’t look anything like a bloodthirsty mercenary, but actually like an aristocratic master who came out hunting.

Seeing the way this youth ran over awkwardly, those mercenaries who were hiding in the dark rolled their eyes.

Where did this boy come from, masters were at work here and naturally they had their own way of doing things, who needs you to interfere?

They all thought this dignified nine-star summoner, who used her hands to pick the crystal fruit directly must have her own reasons, after all they just all witnessed her strength.

Within seconds she killed a beast classed above level ten in one move!

That young master ran a few steps up to it, and pointed to the crystal fruit, his handsome face began to flush red, further amusing the group of mercenaries and provoking them to laugh.

“That, you can’t touch it with your hands…” The young man said nervously, afraid to look at Huang Bei Yue with his pair of large and clear eyes.

To be honest Huang Bei Yue really did not know that the crystal fruit couldn’t be picked directly with her hands, she just reached out subconsciously, and when she heard the youth’s words, she pulled her hand back.

The youth jogged over, and handed over to her a high quality piece of silk he took from the pack tied to his waist.

“The crystal fruit will melt when it encounters human touch.” The youth said softly.

Huang Bei Yue was shocked to realize, that it was so, she had almost accidentally destroyed the one million gold coins prize!

Thanks to this young man, she took the silk and said to him “Thank you.”

Upon hearing her gratitude, the youth’s handsome face flushed with a touch of crimson, and was so overwhelmed with excitement that he didn’t know what to do!

Seeing the way Huang Bei Yue wrapped up the crystal fruit in silk, and gently plucked it, the youth said again “Xi Tian Daren, would you really stay in Nan Yi Nation?”

Huang Bei Yue nodded, this youth reminded himself at this crucial moment, to prevent her from losing one million gold coins, so she still held affection for him in her heart.

“You helped me, so it means that we picked this crystal fruit together, when we get the prize money, let’s share it together.” Huang Bei Yue said lightly, she has never liked to owe anyone anything.

‘We together’ these words crashed into the youth’s mind, and he suddenly felt dizzy, and couldn’t remember where he was. (idiom for losing direction)

Together, Xi Tian Daren actually said to pick the crystal fruit together with him.

“Really we’ll pick it together? This is great, this is the first mercenary mission that I’ve finished in my life!” The youth jumped around happily.

Looking at his innocent face, Huang Bei Yue relaxed.

“Xi Tian Daren, I don’t want money, I, I want…” The youth said with a blush, looked up at the huge Ice Luan Spirit Bird that was as big as a palace.

“Can I pet him?” He knew that these spiritual beasts were very proud, especially intelligent beasts such as the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, there were some beasts, that even summoners feared.

Perhaps this request was a little too much…

Huang Bei Yue’s eyes shined, it was only a pet, the one million gold prize was hers entirely, why wouldn’t she be happy?

“No problem.” She replied happily, and waved her hand.


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