Phoenix Against The World Chapter 36 – Northern Nation Hostage [6]

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As we all know, ice beasts were the most proud and arrogant of all beasts, but there were also the most difficult to summon and for a Summoner to form a contract with, so when summoners received an ice beast, they generally gave the summons a lot of face.

But as the Ice Luan spirit bird was in Huang Bei Yue’s service, especially seeing her power, it’s heart felt that it’s owner was very good, and felt that there was absolutely no loss.

So seeing Huang Bei Yue waving, it bowed its head, although it was not happy, it’s obligation was to meet its owners desire.

As the teenager watched in disbelief as the Ice Spirit Bird actually bowed its head, his round eyes were extremely happy.

All the mercenaries surrounding them looked as if they had seen a ghost!

Wow! Xi Tian Daren was too abnormal, actually getting one of the ‘Wuling’ to bow just by waving a hand!

What kind of devilish luck this kid have? Being able to touch the head of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, he could go back and stamp his hands and make money off it!

“Thank you, thank you!” The young teen quickly touched the head of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird.

By Huang Bei Yue;s command, the Ice Luan Spirit Bird condensed the cold air surrounding it, so the young man’s hand would not get frostbite, but when the brat touched his noble head, the Ice Luan Magic Bird snorted from his nose.

“Master, this kid skin looks fine and tender, it must certainly be delicious.” The Ice Luan Bird spoke into Huang Bei Yue’s mind.

She laughed loudly, and spoke back mentally: “You cannot mess with him, this child’s backing is probably not small.”

“Xi Tian Daren, how are you going to deal with the red spider’s body?” The young man asked excitedly as he touched the Ice Luan Magic Bird with his hands.

Huang Bei Yue looked at the red spider, originally she intended to throw it away, but since this youth had asked, it means that it would be useful.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

“Yes!” the young man nodded, “this red spider is still alive, but since you defeated it, you can sell the tamed creature at the auction, the price would be very high!”

“Oh?” Hearing that she could also sell beasts for money, Huang Bei Yue became very interested, “How high?”

“Since a high-level beast is harder to tame, if a Summoner wanted to increase their strength, they must try to tame a beast higher than their own star level, so If a Summoner had three stars and was able to tame a fifth-star beast, their strength would be able to rise to a an advanced three star Summoner or even four stars!”

“However, high-level beasts would not respond if the level of the Summoner was too low, but there was an exception to the situation, and that happened when a beast was defeated, it would yield to any human, if it was defeated and the Summoner did not create a contract, it could be transferred and others could then contract with it!”

As the young man endlessly talked, he became more and more excited, “A more than ten level spider, casual money could not buy it!”

When she originally went to the auction, she noticed the prices were not low.

But she did not know that in the auction house the opportunities would be so easy to cheat.

“Xi Tian Daren, If you do not mind, you can come to my auction house! I will not touch your commision!”

The young man looked at the mysterious Xi Tian Daren, if she went to to their auction house with a ten level beast, his father would absolutely be smiling from ear to ear!

It turned out that this young man’s family ran an auction, no wonder he knew so much.

Such an opportunity opened up when she was in urgent need of money.

“When can I attend the auction?”


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