Phoenix Against The World Chapter 37 – Northern Nation Hostage [7]

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“Of course you can come at all times, but in order to sell it at a high price, I recommend tomorrow’s auction, today we will spread the news first as there are countless people who want to buy a beast in the capital!”

“No problem!” The more money the better, she could never have too much money!

The young man took out a golden card from his bag, and handed it to her: “Tomorrow when you come to the auction house, show this card, and the people will inform me.”

Huang Bei Yue looked down at the card, the card has the words ‘Buji Er Auction House’ printed, while it had the the Buji Er family cross star badge printed on the back.

The Buji Er family was the most prestigious family on the whole of the Carta continent, it could be said that in any country, they have a very high status and prestige.

They were known as the ‘nobles of all nobles’.

Was this young man from the Buji Er family?

“Master Luo Luo, you are here!”

From the mercenary group, a man suddenly shoved past a few people, his face anxious and pale, when he saw the young man, he immediately ran over.

The young man’s previously high spirits were immediately dampened as he bowed his shoulders: “I was found……”

Without looking too closely, Huang Bei Yue could easily guess the identity of the boy.

The young master of a big family snuck out, this kind of thing was very common on the carta continent.

Because in the era, to become strong, was almost everyone’s dream!

“This red spider, you keep it, I will come to the auction tomorrow.”

Not wanting to continue and become entangled with the Buji Er family struggle, Huang Bei Yue jumped on the back of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird and soon left.

The young mans eyes looked longingly at the high flying Ice Luan Spirit bird, and he dreamily touched his right hand.

He could not believe it, just now he wasn’t dreaming!
“Master Luo Luo!” A group of people rushed over, each one was not less than a high ranked warrior expert.

“You worried us to death! Master knows that you are gone and he is furious, come back with us quickly!”

Luo Luo Buji Er raised his handsome face, and suddenly he laughed: “My Father will certainly praise me!”

Several of the warriors glanced at each other, but when they saw the red spider on the ground, they all had a shocked expression.

“Master Luo Luo, this is……”

“The legendary Xi Tian Daren left the beast, and decided to auction it at our auction house!” Luo Luo proudly said.

That legendary Xi Tian Daren…..

The warriors immediately revealed an an expression of reverence, and said: “Master, you are really powerful ah!”

“Indeed he is the top genius of our Buji Er family ah!”

“Ha ha ha ha-”

******************Bei Yue Dynasty*******************
The mission was turned in at the mercenary trade union, and a million gold coins were received in return.

On the Carta continent, the currency in circulation were gold, silver, copper, and iron coins.

1000 iron coins = 100 copper coins = 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin.

If a person had toto much money, they could use 10 gold coins for a Zhang Lan Mu card, money could be deposited in it, and when needed it could be removed directly.

The Lan Mu card function was almost the same, but the Lan Mu card could only be used to store money and the price was cheaper than the Zhang Lan Mu card’s price of 10 gold coins.

Although she was satisfied that the ring (Zhang Lan Mu card) was worth the price, since she did not have a lot of money now, Huang Bei Yue did not intend to immediately by the ring, instead she took a stroll around the Buji Er market circle to understand some of the ingredients of this world.

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