Phoenix Against The World Chapter 38 – Northern Nation Prisoner [8]

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“Xi Tian Daren!”

A person behind her ran up, panting as he solemnly handed her a large gold letter.

“I finally found you, His Royal Highness the Prince sent me to give this to you, let me give you, since His Royal Highness went to the light floating forest, he could not come in person, I apologize.”

That was a royal invitation! On the gold letter, one could vaguely sense the fluctuation of energy.

“A palace banquet?” Huang Bei Yue asked lightly, in her memory, before Princess Hui Wen died, Huang Bei Yue often frequented the palace, but because she was too weak and timid, the Empress did not like her too much.

The banquet would be held at the Empress’s palace, and although it was only the general banquet, with the specifications of this letter, it was clear that a lot of great men would attend.

The family of the First Princess would certainly receive an invitation, but the Empress was not in the palace, in addition Huang Bei Yue could not participate in the previous years because of disease (remember one of the concubines was poisoning her).
“The banquet will be held at the Empress’s palace, Daren you’re the VIP!”

“Thank you.” Huang Bei Yue said lightly as she received the letter, nodded and left.

She had specifically chosen this street last night as she had chased the sound of the qin while on the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, here there were less people, but in front of the house, there were a lot of guards.

The patrol teams were coming and going without slacking.

This place looked too ragged and shabby to the eye, how could there be so many guards?

As Huang Bei Yue got a little closer, the soldiers on patrol immediately noticed her, but seeing her strange black robe and delicate stature, her body still gave off an elegant and mysterious atmosphere, causing people to not underestimate her.

“Being here is forbidden, do not step into it, please leave!” A warrior said striding forward, although his tone was still polite.

Huang Bei Yue stared at the old wooden door, she did not want to cause a dispute, so she turned around about to leave, when suddenly across the street came a carriage, which had many warriors in front as well as following behind.

It did not look like it was for protection, but rather for surveillance!

Slightly narrowing her eyes, Huang Bei Yue simply retreated to corner while silently watching.

The carriage stopped at the door, a warrior walked over to it and spoke, his face looking righteous.

“The prince is back, please let us search!”

The carriage was to be searched? What a rare novelty!

The warrior just finished speaking, when the carriage curtain opened, exposing a sullen face.

“Your Highness is sick, what good is a search? When did we hide something?”

“This are my orders from the Emperor, I have to act, Yuwen Daren please forgive me.”

“Di, forget it.” A weak voice came from the carriage, wispy and low, as if it would be scattered if the wind blew it.
And then a pale hand emerged from the carriage, “Help me get off.”

Hearing this voice, the warriors chilled face appeared to ease a bit and fill with some respect.

“Prince Yi, I have offended.”

“No harm, Di is too rude.” The tone was so gently, yet held a faint, kind of invisible power that made people feel comfortable at heart.

Prince Yi? Huang Bei Yue searched her memories for the prince’s of each country…….

Yes, a decade ago Nan Yi Nation had fought against Bei Yao Country, the two sides were halfway reconciled, so they had exchanged, the two sides exchanged political hostages.

Bei Yao Nation had sent the six year old ninth prince Feng Lian Yi, she remembered that during that year, Princess Hui Wen had personally taken people from the city to go meet the young Ninth Prince.

(T/N Bei Yao Nation translate to Northern Nation hence the chap. titles)


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