Phoenix Against The World Chapter 39 – Northern Nation Prisoner [9]

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A decade had passed, now the youngest son was all grown up.

Unfortunately, he was still living in the enemy country as a political hostage, Bei Yao Nation seemed to have no thoughts of taking the ninth prince back, naturally Nan Yi Nation did not mind keeping the prince of Bei Yao Nation.

Since ancient times, the emperor would have many heirs, on the Karta continent, when the enemy sent a political hostage, there was usually no chance of the hostage returning home, they usually got depressed, died mysteriously, committed suicide, or were tortured and killed when war broke out.

The Prince Wei Yi, what kind of end did he meet?

The young man called Yuwen Di turned around and opened the carriage door, carefully holding the arm of Prince Yi and helping him down.

The pure white clothes first greeted the eye, followed by long hair as black as black jade, heading down the carriage, there was the image of a perfect side profile that left people breathless.

While the figure was a bit thin, he walked down the carriage, untied the cloak off his body, then raised his hand, his voice low: “Search it.”

The breeze was blowing, like the moon on spring flowers he displayed an elegant temperament.

Because his back was turned, she could not see what that person looked like, slightly squinting, she coldly gazed at the thin figure who displayed such a gently temperament, just like a breeze beneath the moon, his back giving the impression of an immortal man.

The warrior symbolically looked at the token on his cuffs, then waved to release them.

“Thank you.” Having the elegance and appearance of a rich son, he said his thanks, then grabbed Yuwen Di’s arm, and slowly walked away.

The door closed, as the political hostage was no longer outside the house calm was restored, and the patrolling guards began to walk around meticulously.

Seeing that there was nothing else to see, Huang Bei Yue could only turn and leave. Although she was a bit curious about the person playing the qin last night, since Nan Yi nation would not treat a political hostage well, she would not go and give him trouble.
Last night qin and flute ensemble was unforgettable for her, that ethereal melody of the qin hid a proud heart.

If there is a chance, she looks forward to playing again with him.

As the doors of the political hostage’s palace shut, Feng Lian Yi took a few steps forward, then suddenly stopped, and turned to look at the door which closed.

His usual gentle and aloof eyes at that moment turned cold, glittering as it revealed a demon-like sharpness.

“Your Highness, what is it?” Yuwen Di did not like the warrior out front as he had ignored his impulsive anger, and remained calm and commanding, like a general in front of the wind!

“Nothing.” Feng Lian Yi shook his head, his mouth quirked up slightly, revealing a soft smile as he laughed.

Yuwen Di’s heart skipped a beat, around people, His Royal Highness never laughed or smiled, so hearing the small soft laugh gave his heart a bit of a chill.

Feng Lian Yi glanced back, then continued moving forward.

Yuwen Di said: “Tomorrow the Palace is hosting a feast, the letter was sent as usual, will your Royal Highness attend?”

Although His Royal Highness was a political hostage, in Nan Yi nation, invitations to all the large and small banquets would still be sent here, since several dignitaries of Nan Yi country admired the character of His Royal Highness. Additionally, as he had been a political hostage for ten years, His Royal Highness had also met a lot of people.

His Royal Highness would occasionally and carefully attend the Palace banquet or some other aristocratic banquet.

But within the past two days His Royal Highness had suffered a little cold, his body was not feeling well, so he would probably not attend.

“I heard that someone comparable to the nine-star summoner the Battle Wild Prince had appeared in Nan Yi nation, additionally his summoned beast is one of the ‘Wuling’. Such a summoner, I would definitely like to see them.”


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