Phoenix Against The World Chapter 40 – Northern Nation Prisoner [10]

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At the mention of the red headed Summoner, Yuwen Di could not help grunt coldly: “I do not know what Nan Yi nation has done to have nine-star summoners appearing one by one!”

Before it was the Battle Wild Prince, now again there was a mysterious red haired witch!

And both of them have a super high level beast!

‘Wuling’, two of them had already appeared in Nan Yi nation, with such strength, it made a person a bit angry!

“Di, there are always others who are stronger, did you forget?” Feng Lian Yi shook his head, usually when they were outside Yuwen Di acted impetuously, but his usual character was calm.

Yuwen Di smiled,saying: “Your Highness is right, a nine-star Summoner, in front of the city of Shura (修罗城), is not even worth mentioning.”

Feng Lian Yi laughed silently, but in a shallow purple light appeared in his eyes.

“This feast at the palace is to win over the nine-star summoner.” Yuwen Di said, “An unknown mysterious summoner, Your Royal Highness, do you want to check it out?”

“No, just let it be, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

***************** Huang Bei Yue**************************
At night

Huang Bei Yue was in a room to study herbs.

On the Karta continent, in addition to the enviable Summoner profession, there is an even more sacred profession, and that is refining pharmacist and the equipment refining division!

In general, people who understood how to refine medicines and materials were geniuses with rare talent, in addition to gaining the inheritance by blood, the most important things were access to materials!

In each country, to gain the materials required major forces and a large family, so if a person had no familial background and resources, becoming a pharmacist was very difficult unless you could go on an adventure.

Because of this, refining medicine and equipment had become an ‘aristocratic exclusive skil’!

To buy a pack of low-leveled herbs in the Buji Er market today, Huang Bei Yue had spent a few thousand gold coins causing her to understand why this profession was limited to aristocrats and so rare.

Having no money but wanting to practice refining was not possible ah!

Becoming a refining pharmacist, and being able to enhance her own strength was too important. Since she could not gather energy, her body was too weak, she had to nurse it back to health, otherwise she would just be all talk.

Tonight the moon was particularly bright, Huang Bei Yue was sitting on the window sill, trying to absorb trace amounts of energy from the heaven and earth into her body.

Subtle strength flowed into the black jade, though the it was a small piece of jade, the internal space is very large, it was infinitely broad yet dark, and everything could not be seen.

Attempting to use the energy and sense the surroundings through perception yielded the same result as it still appeared dark with no visuals.

Since the body could not father the energy, it flowed into the black jade and soon disappeared.


Huang Bei Yue angrily slammed the table. What the hell, why was she not able to gather the energy in the end ah?

The body was obviously good even if it was weak, there was no way it could suck all the energy away ah!

Wait, suck it away?

A ray of light suddenly flashed in her mind, she immediately sat and began to absorb some energy, then slowly let the energy sink into her body.

Slowly, slowly……

As the energy circulated along her meridians, the flow was slowly but surely sucked away by some force. Not dissipated, but sucked away!

Her face was happy and surprised, this discovery instantly threw away years of doubt.

She was not supposed to be able to gather energy, and yet she did!

“Ha ha ha, after so many years, you finally found this secret ah.” A strange voice suddenly sounded.


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