Phoenix Against The World Chapter 41 – The Name Of A Genius [1]

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The late night was quiet, and she was concentrating deeply when she suddenly heard such a strange voice. Not too mention mortals, even gods would have a heart attack!

Huang Bei Yue stood up, her eyes cold and fierce: “Who!”

There was no one there, she could not even feel a breath!

“It’s no use to look, you cannot see me.”

“In the end who are you?”

She did not like this feeling of being peeped on, the other person can see her, and knew about her, yet she know nothing about them!

“You can call me Yan.”
(T/N 魇 = yan = Nightmare. Tell me what you prefer or what manga uses)

“I did not ask for your name! Get out!” Huang Bei Yue shouted coldly, the murderous aura surrounding her surging!

Yan seemed startled, then slowly said: “I would come out if I could.”

Her cold eyes narrowed slightly: “What do you mean?”

“Well…… close your eyes and I’ll let you see me.”

Huang Bei Yue closed her eyes, she had no worries or fear, even if her eyes were closed, her other senses were very well developed.

With her eyes closed, her body suddenly fell and she immediately opened her eyes!

A solitary lamp shone faintly in the seemingly endless darkness.

Her feet stepped into a pool of black water. The water was flowing, and although the sound was very subtle, it was clear that it flowed forward.

As she looked around, her heart had no fear, and was instead very curious.

That Yan said that he would let her see him, was he in this place?

She walked slowly along the water, after walking for about a minute she saw that the solitary lamp was always in front of her, no matter how quickly she went, there was no way to close the gap.

Finally, she appeared in front of a tall majestic prison!

Forty-nine copper pillars were erected in front, each of them would need four or five people to lift it up. The top of the pillars were covered with dark gold paint that was painted into countless strange symbols like a spell.

The energy flowed slowly around the pillars, but then suddenly those spell symbols suddenly burst with a flash of light.

She looked up and could not see how high the copper pillars were, as if they were extended to another world.

Such a huge wide space, yet it was full of darkness, such a thing was rare even on the mainland.

Huang Bei Yue walked forward, placing her hand on the pillar. There was a flash of golden light, then a huge repulsive force shoved her hand away.

At the same time, two cloudy eyes as big as houses appeared between the pillars, staring at her strangely.

Huang Bei Yue raised her head, her petite figure stood fearlessly, her face elegant, her eyes calm yet indifferent, looking the large eyes up and down.

“What the hell are you?” she asked in her proud and arrogant voice.

The huge eyes slowly leaned over, then gradually, the face of a red beast face appeared in front of her.

After moving a little closer to the forty-nine bronze pillars, they stopped.

“I am Yan.”

“I know that you are called Yan, I am asking, what are you?”

Yan’s huge eyes held a trace of surprise, the saw that the human girl in front of him was not only unafraid, but also dared to speak arrogantly to him!

“Ha ha, how worthy of the chosen person ah.” Yan laughed, and although they were laughing, it was full of a deep-seated hatred!

Huang Bei Yue held out her hand, snorting coldly: “Stop speaking nonsense, Speak properly or I’m gone!”

“Huang Bei Yue, are you not curious about me?” The girl’s indifferent face and attitude slightly stabbed Yan’s pride-

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