Phoenix Against The World Chapter 42 – The Name Of A Genius [2]

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“What a joke, in my eyes you’re just a beast, and there is no beast that I cannot force to surrender to me.”

Yan breathed in heavily, causing the blackwater beneath it to surge: “So, you do not want to know where you are right now?”

“If I want to know then naturally I will know, you old monster, stop trying to act mysterious before me!”

In her past life getting targeted by aircraft carriers was justa simple game to her, so what could the bird monster before her be considered?

Huang Bei Yue brought back her hands and turned. Yan looked at her back and growled loudly: “Huang Bei Yue, this is the blackwater forbidden prison, you cannot get out!”

“Hmph, even hell will have an exit hole If I hit it!”

After speaking, she had begun to summon the Ice Luan Spirit Bird.

However, Yan began laughing and said: “Hit open a hole? Huang Bei Yue, this is inside your body ah!”

Huang Bei Yue suddenly turned around: “What did you say?”

Seeing that her calm expression was finally broken, Yan laughed strangely: “I have been sealed inside your body for twelve years!”

“Do you not know why you cannot gather and use energy? It is because when you gather the energy, it is used to strengthen this forbidden blackwater prison!”

The roaring voice set the water roiling, and the black water at her feet began to boil like a bot of boiling water, with a rumble large bubbles began to form!

In the silent dark space, the wind suddenly began to blow, whipping Huang Bei Yue’s hair around but the solitary glowing lamp calmly stayed in place.

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha—” the laughter was full of madness as it reverberated in the darkness of the space.

Huang Bei Yue vision darkened, then when she opened her eyes, she had returned to her room in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

A fine layer of sweat had emerged on her forehead, her already pale face appeared even more wan.

“Yan, come out!” She shouted angrily.

“Third Miss,our lady came to see you.” Suddenly, she heard the sound of somebody knocking on the door. Huang Bei Yue raised her and saw a few maid servants holding lanterns, with Concubine Xue leading them into her yard.

The palace banquet was over, the Xiao family members were returning, and the front yard became noisy as more people came in.

Concubine Xue had not known what to do for most of the night!

Huang Bei Yue took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and stood up to open the door.

Concubine Xue looked at who was opening the door and seeing that it was Huang Bei Yue could not help but be surprised: “Third Miss, how come that girl Dong Ling did not open the door?”

“Dong Ling is sick” Huang Bei Yue replied, although her voice sounded cold and completely indifferent, it was clear that it was weak.

Concubine Xue sneered in her heart, seeing that this sickly child was weak and that her face was as white as that of a dead man, she knew that Huang Bei Yue was really regretting her actions against Anguo Gong and his eldest son!

Seeing that she would not even live for a long time, she did not even bother to try and coax her as she once planned.

“Oh, Third Miss, how are you? Is your body not feeling well?”

Concubine Xue walked into the room,her maid servants immediately came in with a soft brocade cushion, draping it over a chair and allowing her to sit down.

“My body is the same.” Huang Bei Yue said, but also forced herself to cough twice, her face melancholy and pale.

Concubine Xue laughed: “With the things that happened yesterday, do not blame your second sister, that Xue Che and his family would make this decision, we did not know ah.”

She knew that with Huang Bei Yue’s personality being simple, as long as she was coaxed with soft words, she would be easily convinced.


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