Phoenix Against The World Chapter 43 – The Name Of A Genius [3]

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For so many years, didn’t her occasional bits of charity cause Huang Bei Yue to feel grateful?

Sure enough, she heard Huang Bei Yue immediately say: “How could I blame my second sister? In Nan Yi Nation who does not know that second sister is part of the leaders of the young generation, not only does she have the title of a genius, she also has the looks of an angel, and with her identity, she is worthy of the price ah.”

When Concubine Xue heard her words, her eyes lit up instantly. She had never thought that this waste could speak so beautifully!

It was her daughter, so of course she would be able to accompany the prince, even if it was His Royal Highness the emperor’s son it was still possible! It was just a pity that since she had the identity of a concubine born daughter, Yun er lost so many good opportunities ah!

“Third Miss, your say these words, yet with the identity of your sister, as a concubine born daughter, how can she be a match for the prince?”

Tsk tsk, really won’t stop ah, who knew humble words could be so hypocritical.


Huang Bei Yue sneered in her heart, but when she spoke her voice was innocent and ignorant: “Concubine Xue, how can you say this? Concubine Xue is dignified and virtuous, coupled with the beauty of second sister, father should definitely make you the main wife,”

Concubine Xue’s face was glowing with ecstasy, this waste was really goad at coaxing people. All the years spent not bullying her were not in vain!

She tried to cover up her emotions, and fearfully said: “Third Miss, do not tease your Aunt Xue, how can I dare to want the seat of the First Princess?”

Well, of course the First Princess seat could not be passed out, but she could still fantasize!

“Mother has been dead for many years, this home, now has no mother ah.”

After so many years, this girl’s lips had finally loosened!

It seemed that yesterday’s blow was too big, so even her last hope was shattered. Seeing that she could not longer marry Anguo Gong’s eldest son, she could only seek refuge with her!

Concubine Xue was very proud, it seemed that this time, her luck was repeatedly good ah!

She became the master’s concubine, her daughter Yun-er would became the legal first wife of Xue Che, despite her status being that of a concubine born child, it was not even mentioned!

While her heart was proud, with a worried face she said: “Unfortunately, your father prefers that cheap Concubine Qin, plus since she gave birth to the eldest son, I am afraid that your father will soon help that cheap woman instead.”

When she finished speaking, Concubine Xue even began to pretend she was wiping away tears.

“Your second sister and I have done you no harm even if we sometimes have grievances, but Third Miss, since you did not have a mother to rely on, Concubine Qin always had her cheap people abuse you every time. I your Aunt Xue have been so distressed ah, If she became the head of the house, how would you survive the coming days?”

Huang Bei Yue furrowed her brows, looking melancholy as she thought for a while then said: “In the early years when Concubine Yue was as the Palace feast she seduced father to her. The Empress dowager was very dissatisfied with her. If father wants to make her his main wife, the Empress Dowager might not agree.”

“The Empress Dowager really does not like that cheap woman?” Concubine Xue suddenly seemed as happy as if she had just grabbed some life saving straw!
Huang Bei Yue nodded: “When father accepted her as his concubine, The Empress Dowager informed the emperor, and he punished father by taking away a year of his salary.”

“Yes, ah yes!” Concubine Xue was very happy, this matter had caused a huge uproar, but people were still afraid to speak of it.

Concubine Qin is the daughter of a prime minister while she is a common woman who had no status. At the palace feast, Concubine Qin had openly lured/attracted the consort prince, and had an affair with him thereby making her his concubine.

It was just that no one dared to mention thing that happened that year!

Huang Bei Yue looked at her beaming face could not help but smile, knowing that Concubine Xue was slowly approaching her trap.

(T/N this was extremely hard for me to translate as things were kind of vague. But in short Emp Dowag. doesn’t like CQin as she seduced her granddaughter’s husband and slept her way into the family. Current fight going on between Cxue and Cqin as to who will become the main wife.)


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