Phoenix Against The World Chapter 44 – The Name Of A Genius [4]

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“But so many years have passed, I do not know if the elderly Empress Dowager still remembers, if she has forgotten because of old age, then it may be……”


“The Empress Dowager cannot forget!” Concubine Xue’s eyes flashed poisonously, “Not only that, I have to let everyone in the city know!”


Huang Bei Yue smiled in her heart, yes, that its!


“But……” in the blink of an eye Concubine Xue hesitated, “That cheap slut has sold out for two years, the prime minister also supports her, if she knew what I was doing, wouldn’t it be……”


Concubine Xue’s family was just a civilian family living in Mianyang.  When they were desperate, Princess Hui Wen had taken in her family to help them. She had brought Concubine Xue to work by her side, thinking that if she had a good education, then she could marry into a good family. Who knew that she had been secretly targeting Xiao Yuan Cheng and seduced him. (Not sure who seduced who tbh)


With her supposed reputation ruined, Princess Hui Wen Chang could only call the shots, and allow her and Xiao Yuan Cheng to have a ceremony, making her a concubine.


Even though she had no identity and no great family background, Concubine Xue was favored immensely at the beginning. Even when Xiao Yuan Cheng married Princess Hui Wen Chang her status did not change. But later when Xiao Yuan Cheng married Concubine Qin who was the daughter of a prime minister, her position was shaken.


In addition Concubine Qin soon gave birth to the first and eldest son for Xiao Yuan Cheng, causing Xiao Yuan Cheng to love her even more.


After that Xiao Yuan Cheng continued going to other maid servants rooms, and made them concubines if they gave birth. If not for the fact that Concubine Xue had Xiao Yun, and that Xiao Yun showed her talent for being a summoner when she was five years old, she would probably have no status.


She had to rely on Xiao Yun for so many years because although Concubine Xue and Concubine QIn were rivals, when speaking of their family backgrounds, Concubine Xue would be thrown out on the street.


Concubine Qin came from the prime minister’s family, how big was her backing ah!


So Concubine Xue had always been afraid of Concubine Qin’s supporters.


If the prime minister knew that she was behind the attacks and harmed his daughter, she could not bear the consequences!


Of course this point was also considered by Huang Bei Yue. Since she dared set this plan, she would definitely make it so attractive that the other party would dive into it!


Gently coughing twice, her voice weak and soft she said: “Concubine Xue, she has the prime minister’s backing, but I also have the backing of the Empress. She has abused me for so many years, I have had enough. You have been so good to me, so naturally I will be on your side. If something happens, you can just say that it is my fault.”


Concubine Xue almost burst out laughing, so glad you said those words.


After so many years of not bothering her,  in the end it had paid off!


“Third Miss, you can rest assured, when I become the main wife, I will be sure to treat you as my own daughter.” Concubine Xue hypocritically said as she tried to cheat her.


“For so many years it was Concubine Xue who ‘took care of me’, my heart is very grateful.”


Concubine Xue personally took the teapot from the hands of a maidservant, and personally poured her a bowl, saying happily: “Now I can only ask for your disease to get better quickly, then together we will eradicate Concubine Qin so that you will not suffer for long!”


Indeed this Concubine Xue was not an idiot, at this time she did not forget to let Huang Bei Yue drink a bowl of poison. Although Concubine Xue looked delicate, her mind was not weak ah.


Huang Bei Yue took the bowl and sighed saying: “If not for Concubine Xue sending medicine everyday, I am afraid that this body would have collapsed a long time ago.”


Finished speaking, she really took the bowl of poison and drank it.


Concubine Xue was very smart on this matter, every time she would personally watch to make sure that the poison was willingly consumed.


“It should be that Third Miss is certainly a blessing to people.” Concubine Xue said as she laughed with satisfaction.


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