Phoenix Against The World Chapter 45 – The Name Of A Genius [5]

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Your good fortune, you and your dead mother can enjoy it together in hell!


“After drinking this medicine, I really want to sleep, Concubine Xue, I will not be able to send you back.”


“Ah, you just rest. I will see you again tomorrow.”


Concubine Xue then led the maid servants and left. Once she was gone, Huang Bei Yue’s dark eyes suddenly shone with a burst of light!


Stupid Woman!


Lifting her hand, black toxins were forced out drop by drop into the pot from her middle finger.


“Haha, for so many years, it seems that I was underestimating you little girl.” Yan’s strange voice sounded again.


Huang Bei Yue now knew that they was inside her body, and that except for her, nobody could hear their voice. If she did not open her mouth, she could still communicate with them in her mind.


“Well, when the mussel and crane fight, it’s the fisherman that profits.” To deal with those two women, she was too lazy to do it herself.


“So young in age yet you have such a vicious mind, that’s not good.” Yan exclaimed


“You have not seen me being yet. I like to hold a grudge, so whoever provokes me, I will not let his ancestors or the next eighteen generations have peace!” A cold glint flashed in her eyes, “Of course this includes you.”


Yan was shocked, it had not left the real world for too long, yet the people had changed so much that a twelve-year-old little girl could be so furiously arrogant!


“I was sealed in your body.” The hosts strong aura was such that Yan felt that the current situation was something they could not handle.


They had stayed in the forbidden blackwater prison for too long ah……


“Who was the person that sealed you?”


“I cannot tell you his name, but I can tell you that there is a great relationship between that person and that piece of black jade.”


“You know about my black jade?” Huang Bei Yue asked with some surprise. She was afraid that even the Ice Luan Spirit Bird was not aware of the existence of this piece of black jade.


The Beast Without Boundaries had brought her here, so she knew that this piece of black jade was sure to be hiding a lot of secrets. And since it had unlimited power, perhaps her being brought to ancient times with this treasure would give her the best life.


So she had to be careful to protect it, and not let other people find out about it easily.


But how did this monster know?


Yan slowly spoke: “If not for that piece of black jade, I would not have woken up from that seal. I felt that a  powerful person was approaching and thought that he had returned, I did not expect it to be you.”


“Do you know what this black jade can do?” She just wanted to figure out how to use this piece of black hade as soon as possible.


Yan thought for a moment, then said: “He placed a lifelong cultivation seal on the black jade, if you can break the seal, little girl, you can become the same as him.”


“Seal?” This ancient technique was rarely mentioned even by masters.


The seal was kind of incantation, or a so-called spell. It was used to lead energy into the body. By using the incantation, it allowed the rules of heaven and earth to resonate, allowing a person to establish certain laws, and achieve all kinds of supernatural powers.


But this technique, nobody had heard of it for thousands of years.


“That man is the only one between heaven and earth who knows how to use the incantations. He had disdain for the world, and when Shura City and Guang Yao (Glory) Temple attempted to crush him together, more than three hundred heavenly level summoners died at his hands! It was a war of ancient times ah!”


Yan said this very excitedly, but Huang Bei Yue was confused hearing the words.


Heavenly Level Summoner? What a joke, on the whole Karta continent, nobody had heard of the presence of a heavenly level summoner!


A Summoner’s level was generally from one to nine stars. Within each star there were three points: low, intermediate, and advanced points.


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