Phoenix Against the World Chapter 5 – Respect the Strong (3)

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The emaciated body that could not withstand the wind blowing  seemed not as fragile as before. The Third Miss right now exuded an elegant nobility, high above, and inviolable, as if anyone before her should kneel and bow down.

She wasn’t mistaken, was this really that waste, the sickly ghost, the pustule soft egg?

Regardless, now she really felt that she can no longer afford to offend this Third Miss.

“Thir-third Miss, I was wrong before. I beg you please spare my life! I would no longer dare.”

Thinking of scenes before, when she and others would bully the Third Miss together, Pei Xiang felt her neck become cold with fear.

She was just a servant girl who was somewhat pretty, but of humble birth. She was usually very jealous of those truly noble born ladies. Huang Bei Yue was weak and incompetent, but her identity as the Di daughter (first legitimate miss) made her very jealous! Therefore, she made sure to bully her as much as possible!

She wanted to prove that what did it matter if she (Bei Yue) was the young miss? She could freely curse and beat the young miss! Making her position above the young miss!

But now, even if she borrowed ten people’s courage, she dare not try to bully the Third Miss!

“If you want me to spare your little life, see that I don’t hear any word of this from your mouth.”

Originally, she ought to kill this servant girl along with the man because the past Huang Bei Yue was bullied by this maid.

But thinking that she would be a little useful, she decided to temporarily let her live.

“This slave will certainly be obedient, certainly obey!”

“Deal with the body.” Huang Bei Yue instructed dismissively, then turned and walked directly out of the silent ancestral hall.

“So the rumored waste of the First Princess was actually so overbearing.”

A voice like a cold gust of wind suddenly rang out.

Huang Bei Yue was surprised, who was it? To be able to hide quietly in the surroundings, and she did not detect it a bit!

Once the voice rang out, naturally she can accurately determine the position. Raising her head, she saw on a leafy tree inside ancestral hall, a figure dressed in a pure white robe that was hanging down, moving with the wind.

Hair dark as a black jade was spread on white robe, the moonlight seeming to somewhat blur it.

Huang Bei Yue frowned a little.

An exquisite face that would stop people’s breath. Shrouded by the moonlight, his robe contrasted with the fair skin making it seem even more brilliant. Sword-like eyebrows over light purple eyes that gleamed with the reflection of rippling waves of water in the dim light of the night. Like a demon yet not, like a god but not.

An aquiline nose, light pink colored lips that flashed a devilish smile, letting people be dazzled and stunned.

As the breeze was blowing, a few strands of black hair were lightly stroking his cheek. With facial features incomparably perfect, without any flaws, taking the best of everything on earth, yet it did not seem feminine. His expression displayed a fierce killing air highlighting his domineering aura.

As he leaned on a branch, the moonlight made his purple colored eyes reveal a bit of his demonic deviousness .

Huang Bei Yue crossed her arms, looking at him.

This person does not exist in memory of Huang Bei Yue. Not only is he not a person of the First Princess residence, he definitely wasn’t a person of Nan Yi country!

Being able to appear silently like this around her, this person definitely wasn’t simple!

However, no matter who he is, it did not concern her.

“Mind your own business, and life will be long. “

Retracting her gaze, Huang Bei Yue walked out without looking back.

What a callous, arrogant little girl.

Feng Lian Yi faintly smiled, with a face mixed with evil demon and heaven god; two completely different traits, making the souls of people be captivated.

Feng Lian Yi (maybe) in modern garb. 😂


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