Phoenix Against The World Chapter 7 – Respect For The Strong (5)

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Battle and chaos created a number of occupations, of which those who practiced martial arts were the largest, accounting for about four-fifths of the population being cultivators or practitioners.

The rest of the occupations, like summoners, pill refining pharmacists, Illusionists, etc. had strict requirements for both ancestry and talent, making them very rare. With these occupations, as long as the person had a little bit of success, they were still counted as extraordinary beings on the continent.

The Xiao family, Huang Bei Yue’s father’s house is one of Nan Yi country’s largest family with a martial arts heritage. They are deeply rooted in Nan Yi country, and the family has had a lot of martial arts talent. The incumbent father is a highly respected seven-star summoner, who’s summoned beast was a fire leopard!

Except that he married the princess, becoming her consort which wasn’t a good match. Although her martial arts were very good, their child would have been unable to enter the Summoner ranks.

On the other hand, the Second Miss Xiao Yun had inherited her father’s summoner lineage. From an early age, she had shown talent as a Summoner and was now well known in Nan Yi country.

This summoner occupation was very similar to Huang Bei Yue’s personal talent before transmigration. In this time, the summoners and the summoned beast have a contract that allows them to coexist with each other, making it symbiotic relationship.

While she totally subdued the beast, until they were willing to take orders from her.

Although both involve cooperation with beasts, the difference between the two is immediately visible.

Since this is such a popular occupation, she did not have to worry about her current body not being able to condense qi.

Taming beasts, this kind of thing, she was their ancestor!

As the day dawned, Huang Bei Yue stretched lazily, before standing and picking up the cold cup of tea to drink.

Suddenly, the door burst open with a ‘bang’, and a bloody figure fell in.

“Miss……” Huang Bei Yue immediately put down the cup and went over to the body on the ground. Propping them up and moving the hair away from the forehead, she saw that it was her maidservant since her childhood, Dong Ling.

Among the intrigue and strife everywhere in the Princess’ Household, Dong Ling was the only one who hadn’t betrayed her. The two girls only had each other through the hard times in Huang Bei Yue’s memories.

“Dong Ling, what happened?”

Dong Ling looked up and seeing that she was alright began to cry in her arms,

“Miss, your slave was worried that something had happened to you. I went to seek Concubine Qin, who knew……”

Looking at her servant’s body covered in welts, Huang Bei Yue knew exactly what had happened.

That Concubine Qin was arrogant and despotic. She relied on Xiao Yuan Cheng’s (Bei Yue’s father) favor, as well as her eldest son Xiao Zhonqi, and considered herself to be the headmistress of the household.

Huang Bei Yue was bullied by her for so many years, before dying helpless in the cold Ancestral Hall.

She clenched her fist in hatred. Today’s enmity, I will return it times ten in the future!

Picking Dong Ling up, she lifted her onto the bed. Dong Ling was stunned for a moment, and looked strangely at Huang Bei Yue.

How did her miss suddenly have so much strength? Before, even lifting a bucket of water was difficult……

It seems that today, her miss was not the same as before.

Her eyes flashed with a noble light, as if she was born to have that kind of haughtiness as she gazed at the world. Such look was actually so good looking!

Dong Ling simply stared at her, was she dreaming?

“Miss?” was this really the Third Miss that she had served since childhood?

“You rest first, and don’t speak. I will go out and find some medicine for you.”” Huang Bei Yue said dismissively. She could see the curiosity in Dong Ling’s eyes, but now was not the time to explain.


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