Phoenix Against The World Chapter 9 – Respect For The Strong (7)

“This request is from young master of the Xiao family. Our mercenary group is looking for a close combat fighter that uses a dagger. If you are interested, you may try out! The pay is also very high!”

At the senior task-board, a man posted a new task. It was for entering the famous fog forest at the edge of the capital to look for the Biling spiritual fruit that was said to enhance spiritual strength.

The Biling fruit is a type of medicine used to consolidate qi. It allows a person’s cultivation to be more effective, but the tree takes three years to bear one fruit, so it is very precious.

A close combat fighter who uses a dagger. Hearing this, Huang Bei Yue’s lips turned upwards. She had been a dagger master since she was ten years old.

Several people were waiting in front of her to register, and Huang Bei Yue also squeezed in past them. Her short stature immediately caught people’s attention, causing a few large burly mercenaries to laugh.

“Child, don’t cause trouble, my brothers are trying to get down to business!” a mercenary heartily laughed.

In a flash, Huang Bei Yue had reached from under her cloak and grabbed the dagger from the mercenary’s waist, pointing it at his chest, as if presenting a flower.

If not for the dagger being too short, the sword would have impaled itself in his neck!

Ah, this twelve-year-old thin body was really inconvenient……

The mercenary face turned white, at the same time the people around also turned to look, shocked to see this scene.

That little girl actually has such quick speed and movement, her strength was probably that of a senior fighter!

In this world, the strong were respected. Huang Bei Yue’s performance displaying a little bit of strength has quickly turned the dismissive eyes into ones filled with respect.

She handed the dagger back to the mercenary, before deliberately making her voice sound hoarse and saying, “I have offended.”

“No, I was wrong. Dear warrior, please forgive my earlier rudeness.”

The mercenary who had lost face did not get angry but bowed, apologizing to Huang Bei Yue.

Such an honest temperament increased her impression of this world and it’s mercenaries

“You are very powerful, warrior sir, would you like to join us on this request?”

Just the fact that she came to the task and showed the man her strength she was sincerely invited to join the group even if she may not meet the requirements, it was clear that in this era, the strong command great respect.

Huang Bei Yue nodded at him, of course she would join, as long as the pay was high, she didn’t care.

“Excuse me warrior sir, your name is……”

“Drama days”

When she was registered as a mercenary, she also used this name.

This temporarily formed mercenary group was headed by a young master Xiao.

She had previously though the name was familiar, but when she saw him, Huang Bei Yue thought the world was really small!

The young master Xiao turned out to be Xiao Zhong Qi, Huang Bei Yue’s half-brother!

At eighteen years old, Xiao Zhong Qi had good strength. He was a silver ranked warrior in the empire, he had many military exploits, and looked very handsome. How many girls dream of him?

But when they were younger, he liked to tease Huang Bei Yue. As he grew up he continued looking for her trouble. The previous Huang Bei Yue was very afraid of her Big Brother and would cry when she saw him.

That little bastard hit her so today, she would be sure to teach him a lesson.

“Xiao Fan, this is the senior fighter that you’ve chosen?”

Xiao Zhong Qi riding a tall black horse, wearing fine silver armor looked down at the small frame of Huang Bei Yue.

The man called Xiao Fan was in charge of recruiting mercenaries from the mercenary trade union. Hearing Xiao Zhong Qi’s tone of disdain and suspicion, he quickly went over and whispered a few words in his ear.


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