My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 2

I don’t know if I said this before, but uhhhh this is not a PG-13 novel. It’s more like 17+ so fair warning y’all.

I realize that in novels, most people with the name Xue are usually not good people sigh

Chapter 2: Collecting The Overbearing Man’s Semen (1)

Sudden pain, like a scalpel, cutting into the body.

Gu Qi Qi suddenly realized that she was not in the high school classroom, more like…… lying on a hospital operating table.

And she was not hanging on the blackboard, more like in the strong hands of a man, her hands were around his head, holding on tightly.

This posture was really embarrassing, this man was too overbearing!

As it happened, she was covered with a soft cloth, without a trace of resistance,she could only bear it.

Wait, why is she in the operating room?

Isn’t she dead? What happened after Gu Xue Xue harmed her,wasn’t she burning?


Her last sense was of an explosion, totally caught off guard, Gu Qi Qi’s back was severely impacted, her whole body was almost imbedded into the cold operating table.   

The next second, there was heavy pressure on her body, the it was finally relieved

Immediately, she heard a belt tighten, then, the sounds of boots on the marble floor.  

Strong, steady and overbearing.  

“——”一soon, the owner of the boots slammed out the door.

Gu Qi Qi’s lax consciousness was gradually restored.  

Trying to distract her eyes, she looked around the dark room, and noticed that this really was an operating room, although the facilities were a little behind, she had a sense of deja vu.

“I… am I not dead?”    

She sighed then sat up and found herself in nurse’s overalls, from the collar to the hip, was torn to pieces, exposing the whole of her white smooth back.  

She hurried off the operating table and grabbed a clean smock off the side table, and put it on.    

Leaning on the bed railing, immediately ready to go.  

Abruptly, a touch of tear-like pain, came from between her legs.

“Hiss—-damn, just who was that abnormal man?” Gu Qi Qi asked her teeth clenched.

She’d been with that perverted man, forcing her on the operating table and taking advantage of her.

Gu Qi Qi leaned on the wall, while groping the door hand, until it gently twisted.

She never imagined, that when she opened the door, her entire life would be turned upside down.   

Dazzling white lights, the original quiet corridor was suddenly full and bustling, a large group of doctors and nurses pulling a the bed, then lifting the stretcher, and rushing from outside into the room.   

“Go Go Go Go! There’s a car accident outside! Emergency priority patient!”    

“Bed, ready the bed!”   

“I need an operating room, the patient needs to be immediately amputated!”

“The patient just went into cardiac arrest, three minutes and they must be on the operating table!”    

“Director Zhu, there are not enough nurses!”

Familiar sounds, familiar scenes.  

Gu Qi Qi was stunned.   

This door was like a time machine, actually letting her dream back to ten years ago.   

She was 19 years old, when she became a practicing nurse in Qingcheng Hospital!

She was impressed, because on this day, she mindlessly obeyed the surgical director’s orders going to and fro, and then she had to help  with the patient from the car accident, dirty from the work and tired she rushed, and as a result, she made a major mistake in the operating room, they pushed the fault to her, her family members scolded her, and eventually she was sued in court.

On the other hand, her cousin Gu Xue Xue had slept the whole night, the next morning, she sent the patient some medicine, with no effort, as the spoiled daughter, and easily pocketed the praise.  

At home, she was beaten by her father, who said she was too stupid enough to study medicine.    

Subsequently, on the college entrance examination, it was obvious that she had medical talent, as her college entrance examination results were very amazing, but she only applied to become a professional nurse, while Gu Xue Xue applied to go to medical school.   

Since then, she and Gu Xue Xue’s life, had gone down opposite roads.

Her life is low like one of the lowly nurses, while Gu Xue Xue was a doctor respected everywhere-even though, all of Gu Xue Xue’s surgeries, are performed by her wearing a large mask and black-rimmed glasses!

She knew it was from this night, that she step by step was pushed into the abyss by the Gu family, until finally she was hung to die on the blackboard, Gu Qi Qi bit her lips.

She’d say it, she definitely did not miss that bastard Gu family!

And honestly, if this was dream, why would biting her lip hurt? Why would it bleed? And the place where that abnormal male had touched had a faint pain, and something strange seems to have flowed out?

“Gu Qi Qi, what are you doing, why haven’t you quickly come to wipe the blood off the patient! Are you stupid? You can’t see with your eyes?” – the string of curses came

Surgery Director Zhu stood at the door, pointing at her forehead and cursing   

Responding to him, she couldn’t string together words and had a crazy smile

“Oh…oh oh……ha ha ha”

The girl’s beautiful face, combined with that wild laughter, completely aloof, formed a sharp contrast, so that the middle-aged man, was completely shocked.

This was the Gu family’s bookworm eldest miss, she wasn’t crazy right?  

Director Zhu recovered, and snapped: “You, go into the operating room to shave the patient’s hair!”

A bookworm with no mother, a blind brother, as long as a person had a brain, they would know her position in the Gu family.  

Calling her “Miss” was fake, having her at their beck and call like a servant was the truth!

The Gu family, had secretly called him a while back, and told him to work this girl to death.

Wipe those who were bloody, urine covered, shaving men’s dirty thing, trying to get her fed up.   

But this time, Director Zhu had an unexpected result, Gu Qi Qi was not as obedient as she was before.  

On the contrary, her hands were crossed across her chest, while standing in place, laughing wildly, while her eyes had a touch of unprecedented piercing coldness!

She finally understood, this is not a dream, she was reborn.

Reborn in the waters of fate, 10 years before, that night.

In addition to meeting that abnormal male by accident, everything was exactly the same as 10 years ago!  

Insidious villainous director, that pig eating tiger Gu Xue Xue, after the first surgery accident, they continued to frame and frame her……everything, all that she had experienced.  

Once again, she would not be a low-key sensible good girl.

She would wantonly live her life, be arrogant and overbearing, allowing people to see who was the real queen.  

They owed her, hurt her, disgraced her, when she fully recovered, she must pay back her grievances!  

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were sharp and cold as she stared, causing the director to shake inexplicably: “You, you dare to defy my order?”

Hurrah, he would just grab this excuse to expel her!   

Qu Qi Qi’s eyes flashed with an edge, and she replied coldly: “The big man in the VIP room pressed his bell to call me, you want me to ignore his orders?”

Her fingers were pointing down the corridor, toward the end where the distinguished rooms were.

This lie was very professional.    

Director Zhu’s mouth popped open, speechless.   

The big man that was in the VIP room today, who would dare to offend? The power of that monstrous man……he definitely cannot be provoked!   

Damn smelly girl, hmph, you’re safe for the time being.  

Seeing the fiery eyes of Director Zhu, Gu Qi Qi calmly, yet proudly, walked out towards that noble’s door.  

Until she was outside the door isolated from the hustle and bustle did she slowly curl up her fingers into her palm: “In this life, who dares try to use surgery to ruin me!”   

“Are you the nurse the reproductive department sent to help? Hurry up, bring a mask, go to the suite room, and assist the VIP!”  

Gu Qi Qi could not catch her breath, as the director of the VIP ward rushed over to make her responsible for the task.   

  Gu Qi Qi looked at the three bright words on the  wall “Semen Collection Room.”, her head went blank “——” then soon exploded.



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  1. At first i thought that the man that came to save her was operating on her to save her life but then it turned out she died and reborn i was expecting it but got confused for a second there 😂😂 lol i love it looking forward to next chapter waht will be the release schedule? I will wait patiently *feels like a good doggo* 😶

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