My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Collecting The Overbearing Man’s Semen (2)

Gu Qi Qi’s mouth kept opening and shutting, why was she so unlucky?   

She just escaped Director Zhu’s conspiracy, only to fall into this pit?

Semen collection It wasn’t to help the man……

She is an innocent young girl, how could she let herself do that kind of thing?

Her face turned red, the pain between her legs, reminded her that she was no longer an innocent girl. (innocent as in virginal)

But she dug her own grave, so her tears would fill it.

Wasn’t it fine? As long as she held the attitude of saving lives, not to mention semen collection, as long as she was able to give her little brother surgery, but also train herself to not keep a calm face while her heart was in turmoil, this was the mark of a true professional.

Her heart settled, she grabbed a white mask, then entered the “Semen Collection Room”.

“Hey, pay attention, do not make that person unhappy, he can……” behind her, the director continued talking, but Gu Qi Qi had walked away, and did not hear.


VIP Room Bathroom

Cold water flowed, washing down the strong body.

Sexy eight pack abs, small drops of water bouncing off, forming a beautiful mist.

The prince stormed out the bathroom wrapped in bath towels when, the attendant waiting respectfully holding a new uniform.

“Chief, I know you like to be clean, change into this.”  

“Ok.” The prince replied in a cold, calm tone, “Just now that woman, grab her and then we’ll be heading back to the base.”   

“Chief, you just said that you would do it……”

Ugh, that woman was miserable, she dared climb into the chiefs bed, her end can be imagined.

Paying no attention to the attendant, the prince’s eyes shot over like a knife.  

The attendant quickly nodded “Understood! This subordinate will go catch that person. Just……Chief, your body check has not finished……”  

“I will not do it!” The man buckled the last piece of the uniform, looking cold like a statue of one of the gods.  

“Chief, you can’t do that this time, your family next time will certainly try some tricks, to force you to do it again in the military hospital. But the military hospital inspection results, would be crystal clear to the master ah……”  

The attendant earnestly advised.

The prince’s expression sank, his anger faintly rising.    

After a moment, he coldly said: “I’ll give you one minute.”   

“Yes sir! Chief, rest assured, only a male will perform the examination, I asked the director the arrange for a male nurse, and told everybody they must be quiet, they will definitely not make you uncomfortable. Please sit—-”

Opening a secret door, allowed direct access to the “Semen Collection Room”

This was the special treatment given by the hospital to the VIP, to ensure that the whole ** will not leak.   

The other side of the door.

With a white mask covering her entire face, Gu Qi Qi was staring at the clinic room with large eyes.   

In the past her main focus was heart and eye surgery, because her younger brother Gu Xiao Bei had both eye and heart diseases, for men, she only knew the basics.   

Quickly looking at the wall of the Semen Collection Room, she was relieved.   

There was a curtain in the middle of the room, the man was on the opposite side to collect the liquid, he would then hand it over for her to test it.

As for what the man did……according to the introduction, some of the walls had picture instructions, and if they were not understood, there was a machine for support.

While thinking, on the other side of the curtain, there was the sound of boots.

Gu Qi Qi was shocked, that inexplicable sonorous sound of the powerful boots, was slightly familiar.   

With no time to think, she quickly began: “Sir, you can start, the wall has instructions you can follow. If you’re not able, you can call me to help.”  

She said she’d help, but of course it was to help open the machine to automatically collect the Semen!  

Unexpectedly, the unhappy man shouted angrily: “F***! I do not want a woman.”

Gu Qi QI stood stunned  

Wasn’t this patient too overbearing?

Came to the hospital to see a doctor, but also had discrimination against female doctors?

You came here because you had a problem, the doctor kindly help you check it, you cannot even be grateful, what kind of bad attitude was that?

Patriarchal attitude towards things, in the Gu family this has always been common, so Gu Qi Qi was deeply affected.

Encountering such a high-handed male patient, if it was in the past, Gu Qi Qi would put up with it.

But as she is now, she did not want to endure!   


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  3. I am a fan of Chinese light novels but I don’t like how some Chinese novels make it seem okay for a girl to be raped! And that too by the arrogant jerk a**hole of a male protagonist!…How is that even okay?! And how the heck does the girl find her rapist good enough to love and trust?! Being a girl, I absolutely hate this attitude that the Chinese novelists have…and I can’t help but think that their society too condones it implicitly.

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