Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage Chapter 4

Making its debut in BAT Team’s roost is Ban Li Zi’s Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage. One of the 10 intertwining but standalone books on her Truly Precious Shared Universe Series. We will continue where Kiseki of Radiant Translations’s left off . So without much further ado, here is your chapter.




CHAPTER 4: Lunch

Translator: Blazaria & Akari

Editor: cfadmode

Additional QC: Akari


After the thrilling foraging trip, Mi Qing had a nice, good sleep. The next morning, she was awakened by the dog.

She ruffled her hair as she sat up, she could hear a voice slightly from outside her door. That low magnetic tone was no doubt Xiao Gu’s, “Last night, did you steal some food from the kitchen again, en?”

Mi Qing: “……”

It was exposed so soon?

She shuddered and woke up fully. Jumping down from the bed, she put on her bunny slippers and gently padded to the door.

Carefully opening the door slightly, she peeked out to the corridor.

Xiao Gu was currently staring intensely at the husky, while the husky was sitting on the floor, looking at him innocently.

“There is short of one cucumber in the fridge and this bag of dried mangoes has also been touched.” Xiao Gu gently lifts the bag up and down, weighing it, “The weight of the bag is clearly not enough, there are about four or five slices less”

Mi Qing: “……”

He can feel that there are five slices gone, is he the reincarnation of a scale?

The husky just barked innocently “Woof!”

Xiao Gu raised his eyebrows, “Still want to deny? You and I are the only ones who know where my dried mangoes are.”

“Woof, woof!” the husky decided to stick to the status quo.

Xiao Gu really looked at the dog and began thinking, this guy has indeed opened the refrigerator before to take meat out, but he doesn’t like to eat cucumbers. And the freezer compartment is at the top, he doesn’t think it has the ability to open it up. Additionally, the bag of the dried mangoes do not have bite marks or scratch marks on them, meaning the dog didn’t get into it.

Well, he only allowed one other person in yesterday.

Xiao Gu turned back to see the thief peeping at the door.

Mi Qing, who was caught red-handed, “……”

She quickly retracted her head and locked the door.

Soon, she could not hear any movement outside the door. A while later, she heard the sound of a door closing. She opened her door again, and found out that Xiao Gu and the husky were gone.

She thought for a moment, and felt that he must have gone out to walk the dog.

She returned to her room and turned on her laptop to see the status of her online deal. Below the photo of the pink wool coat, there is a message.

[two-tael: Too expensive]

Seeing that her display picture is lighted up, Mi Qing clicked into their private chat: “Hello, you’re interested?”

The person replied her quickly: “Yes, can I negotiate the price of the clothing?”

[rabbit2: That coat is part of this seasons new Bunny Winter limited-edition release. I just bought it last month and only wore it twice.]

[two-tael: I know it is the limited edition of Bunny. But you’ve also worn the clothes and you still expect to sell them at such an expensive price?]

[rabbit2: In the introduction I wrote it very clearly. The original price of this piece is twelve thousand. And for an almost new coat, selling it for eight thousand is not expensive, right?]

[two-tael: Eight thousand for a piece of clothing is not expensive? And the colour is a disturbing shade of pink. No one else will be interested in it.]

Mi Qing: “……”

If it’s too expensive you can buy other brands of clothes ah! There are hundreds of clothes and stores. And what disturbing shade of pink? This is obviously the most exciting pink for a young maiden!

She quickly restrained her heart and replied in the dialogue box: “How much are you willing to pay?”

[two-tael: Up to three thousand.]

Mi Qing: “……”

She felt like just sending a goodbye emoji.

[rabbit2: Sorry, three thousand is too little.]

[two-tael: Three thousand is too little? Sister, half a month’s wages is going into this. If you decide to sell it for eight thousand, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to sell it within a year.]

Mi Qing bit her lip and stopped replying. Don’t want to spend money but want to buy brand-name goods. Where in the world can there be such a good thing.

She turned off her laptop, took a shower, put on her makeup, and changed into a plaid coat, then gathered her entire fortune and went downstairs to buy some things.

Although this area is an old district, one of the benefits of being here is that everything is available and very convenient.

There are several supermarkets down the road. Although they are not as large as the supermarkets at shopping malls that have everything, but finding daily necessities was not a problem. Along the streets, there are many vendors selling breakfast. The warm white steam coming out from the rice made Mi Qing feel nice and warm. There are also many roadside stores, although almost all the doors are closed. It is clear that most of them are restaurants judging by the names.

Mi Qing headed to the largest supermarket, to buy her daily necessities and food.

She went straight to the food area of the supermarket and soon found a discount on instant noodles, and because the expiry date was near, they were on 80% discount. Beside the instant noodles, were the best companion of instant noodles, ham and sausage, which were also on discount. Thus Mi Qing took two big packs of instant noodles and one pack of ham and sausage, and threw them into her shopping cart.

Despite the size of the supermarket, she finished walking pretty quickly, then she chose a pack of biscuits and a few towels and went to the tills. While she was passing by a shelf, Mi Qing saw a pink cup right above her that has a pair of rabbit ears sticking up.

It looked very cute, and her eyes was glued to it. She looked at the price tag, it was 48 yuan.

Currently, 48 yuan is a huge sum to her, thus she hesitated for a long time, but still ended up taking the cup and putting it into the shopping cart.

When she reached the cash register, she reluctantly handed a hundred dollar to the cashier, who then returned a few coins as change. She carried her groceries out of the shopping mall, and as she passed by a breakfast shop, she bought a steamy cream custard bun and a glass of milk.

When she reached home, Xiao Gu and his dog have yet to return. Mi Qing returned to her bedroom, putting away the things she bought. After putting them in order, she sat in front of her desk, and munched on the bun while she turned on her laptop to browse her online shop trading page.

But no one has contacted her all morning.

Mi Qing looked at the time; it was almost twelve. She took out a packet of instant noodles and decided to go to boil some water for her noodles.

According to her observations yesterday, there was a water dispenser in the living room. She had no other choice, but to bite the bullet and head out.

Thankfully Xiao Gu and the husky were not in!

Mi Qing felt very lucky, she pushes the water dispenser’s switch, and took out a bowl and her instant noodles.

The plastic bowl was a free gift that came along with her instant noodles. Once the water boiled, she dispensed some water into the bowl, adding the noodle and seasoning, then fill it with more water before she covered it with the lid.

In this nice quiet time, Xiao Gu’s husky suddenly ran out from the corridor.

Mi Qing: “……”

So this guy was not out, but was actually in Xiao Gu’s room?

……she was careless.

The husky slowed down, looked at her for a bit, then went to his bowl in front of the doghouse and started eating with its head buried in its bowl.

Mi Qing: “……”

This was quite a delicate situation, she listened to the living room clock ticking as the minutes crawled by. She had been sitting in place, not daring to move. Seeing that her instant noodles will become soggy, she doesn’t know what do next.

Should she open the lid to eat calmly or should she rush back to her room while holding the bowl?

As she was about to get up while holding the bowl, the husky suddenly lifted its head from its bowl, and looked at her.

Mi Qing: “……”

She swallowed her saliva, placed her bowl back onto the table, and sat upright.

Seeing that she is not moving again, the husky continued to bury its head in the bowl to eat.

After a while, Mi Qing felt that her noodles were really about to be cooked soggy, so left without a choice, she stiffly opened the lid.

The rich aroma of pickled beef noodles wafted towards her. She picked up a fork, mechanically twirled the noodles onto her fork, then send it to her mouth.

One person and one dog were eating lunch in harmony, and just when Mi Qing poked her sausage with her fork, the husky that was sitting beside her suddenly called out “Woof!”

Mi Qing’s movement of sending the fork into her mouth paused, she turned her head, and saw that the husky had stretched out it’s tongue and was looking at her.

“Woof!” It called out again.

Mi Qing bit her lips, it seemed that it wants to eat some sausage, but…… she had not been eating meat for a long time too.

Seeing her reluctant expression, the dog generously nudged its bowl towards her direction, “Woof!”

It’s expression had a perfect illustration of “you eat this”, these three words.

Mi Qing: “……”

Looking at the fact that it had helped her today; became her scapegoat and got blamed for, she decided to give the husky the sausage to eat. She used her free hand to take the sausage off her fork and threw it into it’s bowl.

The sausage was instantly ingested by the husky.

The husky then lifted his head, looking at Mi Qing, wagged it’s tail and affectionately nudged it’s bowl towards her again.

Mi Qing laughed, “Thank you, but I don’t eat dog food.”

……wait a moment, don’t tell me the dried mangoes from last night, were actually dog food?

Mi Qing’s hair stood up as she was shocked by her thoughts. No no, how can a dog eat dried mango? Which means, the dried mangoes must have been eaten by a human. It must have been like this.

The door opened, one person and one dog immediately sat up in a proper manner.

Xiao Gu, who was wearing an army green hooded jacket, walked in, and saw one person and one dog in the living room.

The room is also filled with the rich smell of instant noodles, causing Xiao Gu to frown slightly, and walked towards the sofa and looked at Mi Qing.

Mi Qing immediately buried her head, and pretended that she was busy eating.

The husky went back to its own space, and concentrated on eating his food.

“You fed it with sausage?” Xiao Gu spoked, and of course he was speaking to Mi Qing. Mi Qing swallowed the noodles in her mouth, and firmly shook her head. “How can that be? Then, I would not have any meat left.”

Xiao Gu squatted in front of the husky, and pat his head: “You only know how to eat all day long.”

Mi Qing: “……”

Who is he actually trying to scold?

After finishing educating the dog, Xiao Gu looked at Mi Qing: “Aren’t you afraid of dogs? Why are you eating your meal in the living room?”

Mi Qing lips curved up into a smile, “I was coerced.”

Xiao Gu was startled for a moment, then took off his jacket, and went into the kitchen.

Soon, the sound of ingredients being placed into the frying pan could be heard, then the delightful aroma of food wafted into the living room. Mi Qing deeply sniffed the smell, ah, it’s beef and celery stir-fry.

Xiao Gu should have been done with the preparation of ingredients, now he is just frying it. The aroma of the food surged out in waves, the husky could no longer sit still, and ran to the kitchen door to look.

Xiao Gu carried out two dishes, and placed it on the dining table. Mi Qing quickly kept her gaze, and continued eating her noodles.

In fact, she did not have much noodles left, she was just trying to delay until Xiao Gu finished cooking, so that maybe he will invite her to eat together, as a form of courtesy.

Five minutes later, she realized she was wrong. Xiao Gu was sitting alone at the dining table, leisurely eating his lunch, and occasionally bend down to feed his dog a little meat.

……a person is inferior to a dog.

Mi Qing held up her bowl which was only left with soup, and was about to walk to the toilet to pour it away.

“Wait.” Xiao Gu suddenly called out to her. Mi Qing’s eyes brightened, but she kept her excitement immediately as she turned her head around.

“What’s the matter?” she asked with a serious look.

Xiao Gu held up a bowl of white rice, looked up at her and asked, “Did the dried mango tasted good?”

—————————————————     ♡●♡●♡     ———————————————————

Notes:  Any idea who this Xiao Gu is? We’ll soon find out.  And methinks he will feeding the Lady very soon.

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