Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage Chapter 7


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Translated by Akari and Blazaria

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Chapter 7: Little Bastard

Mi Qing had a strong urge to ask, that if she stole his dried mangoes, will she be humiliated miserably? But in the end she only managed to ask this; “Does your boss love to eat dried mangoes?”

Lin Jingrong replied, “Love? No, he’s completely obsessed with it.”

Mi Qing: “……”

“His dried mangoes are all handmade by himself. Not only are they clean, the taste is super good too.” Lin Jingrong paused as she thought of something, then turned and walked towards the cashier, “Give me a moment.”

When she came back, she was carrying a brown paper bag. It was exactly the same as the one that Mi Qing saw in Xiao Gu’s kitchen.

“These were made with the remaining sides of the mango by the boss.  Even though they are fragmented pieces of dried mangoes, but the taste is still very good, you should try it.” She passed the paper bag to Mi Qing. To be honest, the brown paper bag left a shadow on Mi Qing’s heart. Remembering the flavour of the five slices of dried mango that night, Mi Qing could not help but reach out to the paper bag.

Inside the bag, the dried mangoes were indeed very small, and were a little fragmented, but the color of it was still very pretty. She took out one piece and tried a bite of it. The texture of it was not as good as the entire slice, but taste is still rich and sweet.



In reality, she was still not sure, whether that five slices were really that nice to eat, or whether it was because she ate it in secrecy.  Resulting to that five slices being nice to eat.

“How is it, the taste is not bad right?” Lin Jingrong was clearly very confident in the taste of the dried mangoes. The boss usually brings these kind of small dried mangoes to the store and give them to the store workers and customers as snacks. The taste of an entire slice still taste better though, you should try it if you have the chance.”

Mi Qing awkwardly laughed, “Haha, I will definitely try it if i have the chance.”

“I’ll give you this bag then, take them home and eat them slowly.” Lin Jingrong was very generous to this new customer of hers. “Our boss’s cooking is very good. The base flavouring of the chuan chuan pot is his uniquely formulated by him and most of our customers love it. Do come here frequently to eat when you are free ah.”

Mi Qing replied, “Alright, I’ll definitely be back.” After all, she did receive a lot from her. So for the sake of Sister Rongrong, she will come here frequently to give her business.

Next time. She will be back once she find a job!

Mi Qing’s chuan chuan pot was mainly full of meat, when it was time to settle the bill, the price was a couple hundred bills. The clerk told her that since she was the tenant of the boss, she would get a membership card, and a 10% discount.

When Ming Qing planned to leave, she found out that there were many guests waiting to be seated.

To be honest, the business here is very good, while she was eating in there, apart from the beginning when there were few people, there has not been a vacancy, as soon as guests left the table, the waiter immediately wiped it clean, and a new set of guests sat down.

At the store front to prevent guests from being bored, different claw machines were placed and people were lined up in front of each of them to play. When eating, most people fear waiting too long, since guests are willing to wait outside, their dishes must certainly taste like home.

Mi Qing passed in front of three high school girls and inevitably heard their conversation.

“I heard today that the Xiao boss is coming. This time I have to get his attention!”

Mi Qing: “……”

It seems that waiting to see Xiao boss’s face is one of the reasons they are willing to wait.

“Maybe Xiao boss should stand directly outside and pose. Perhaps he can also be posted on popular microblogs and the title should be “The most handsome chuan chuan store owner” or “Families favorite chuan chuan shop owner.”

“Ha!” Imagining Xiao Gu in the scene, Mi Qing cannot help but laugh aloud.

There is a shop that sells stewed food near the entrance of South City Garden. When Mi Qing walked past, she could not resist and bought two chicken drumsticks.

When she got home, Xiao Gu had not come back, but when the husky heard the door opening, he barked and rushed forward.

Mi Qing stood stiffly in the doorway for a moment, then moved in front of the husky and mechanically smiled, “Hello.”

“Woof!” the husky enthusiastically responded.

Mi Qing was stumped, she stood for a moment thinking, then suddenly remembered about the chicken. Compared to her, the husky was certainly more attracted to the chicken!

She looked at the husky, thinking, then asked: “Little Bastard?”

Husky: “Woof!”

Mi Qing blinked, took a piece of chicken from the paper bag, and asked “Do you want to eat chicken?”

The husky jumped and accurately bit the chicken, then took it back to its cage.

Mi Qing was relieved, about to take the opportunity to  get away, she heard the sound of the door unlocking.

Xiao Gu was back.

Panicked, the husky possessively hid the chicken behind itself. It was as if Xiao Gu would catch it red-handed.

Xiao Gu walked into the living room, looking down at the dog guarding the chicken in it’s bowl, he looked at Mi Qing and said: “Do not feed someone else’s dog.”

Mi Qing pursed her lips, looking at Xiao Gu she said: “Little Bastard got me food the previous time, this chicken drumstick is my thanks to him.”

The husky approvingly called out: “Woof!”

After Xiao Gu listened to her words, his brow furrowed slightly: “Little Bastard?”

Mi Qing gently raised her chin towards the husky: “I just call it Little Bastard and it responded.”

Xiao Gu said: “As long as there is food, he will respond even if you call him Stupid Bastard.”

Mi Qing:“……”

Xiao Gu squatted down, rubbing the dog’s body: “His name is Xiao Tianquan, I usually call him Tiantian.”

Mi Qing held in in for a long time before choking out her laughter, “Hahahaha Tianquan, oh my god this is killing me. Are you God Erlang? Hahaha you really love him.”

(T/N: Xiao Tianquan is the name of the mystical beast that God Erlang owns in the story ‘Journey To The West’.)

Xiao Gu’s eyes narrowed slightly: “I didn’t choose the name.”

Mi Qing laughed and asked: “Oh, is it that after you and your ex-girlfriend broke up she left the dog with you?

Xiao Gu stood up, looked at her and said, “Your rent?”

Sure enough, Mi Qing’s smile immediately disappeared after hearing “rent”, with her heart crying silently, she pulled her wallet out, counted out several hundred bills in front of Xiao Gu: “A good income, a total of three hundred and eleven. Eleven is for the dried mango.”

Xiao Gu did not immediately take the money, instead he looked at her purse. He saw the pile of RMB and was able to roughly estimate the total: “You sold for such little money?”

Mi Qing looked at him, her words dripping with sarcasm: “Don’t know who it was that was persistently urging me.”

Xiao Gu looked at her, then took the money.

Mi Qing cautioned: “Tomorrow give me the rental agreement. If you took the money and put me out, what will I do?”

Xiao Gu said: “Then you can go to my shop and play by the entrance.”

Mi Qing:“……”

Stuffing her wallet back into her shoulder bag, she looked at Xiao Tianquan, who was near the dog kennel. She smiled, “Little Bastard, the most important thing of being alive is to be happy. Being too petty one will be easily angered to death ah.”

Xiao Gu:“……”

Mi Qing finished running her mouth like a loose cannon rushed back to her room, afraid the landlord would retaliate against her.

Changing into pajamas, Mi Qing gnawed on the rest of the chicken, then turned on the computer.

No one was interested in buying the dress she had posted, but the three thousand yuan in her hand solved her immediate need, so she wasn’t in a hurry to sell. She could slowly wait until the buyers were willing to pay higher prices.

This was a camel colored woolen dress from Bunny’s winter collection, she had bought it for more than eight thousand pieces, and only worn it one to three times. The sale price was a solid six thousand, which she felt was reasonable.

Munching on her chicken drumstick, she thought that she should not just rely on one post, thus she decided to go on a second-handed items trading forum and duplicated the post.

The forum was relatively large, you can find anything you want in there. She registered the page with her ‘rabbit2’ ID and created a new post. After posting it, she casually scroll through the items. Most of the items posted were within a thousand yuan, and a price of six thousand item like hers was rarely seen.

Eh wait a moment, there’s also an item that’s being sold at six thousand.

“Bunny’s newest limited edition coat! Big lapel, wide long sleeves, moe moe maiden’s pink, it’s definitely worth getting! 90% new, and it’s currently sold at half price. Get it while stock last!”

Mi Qing raised her eyebrows, and tap it to expand it.

Even though the image was different from hers, but she could still recognise it, it was that coat of hers!

She looked at the seller, the id was ‘nine-jin’, one look and you could tell that was the secondary account of ‘two-tael’!

Mi Qing was instantly angered, that person deceived and took advantage of her. She bought the coat at a low price and the next moment, she sells it at six thousand. Her net profit is two thousand and five hundred!

She angrily messaged ‘nine-jin’: “Are you two-tael?”

Initially she thought the other party would ignore her, and never expected her to reply that quickly. “Eh, it’s you again. Rabbit2, we are so fated ah~”

Who wants to be fated with you! Mi Qing typed hardly on her keyboard, “Is that coat that you’re selling bought from me? Didn’t you say that it was a disturbing shade of pink, why did it became moe moe maiden’s pink now? And you say it was worth three thousand and five at most, why are you selling it at six thousand the next moment?”

[nine-jin: eh I’m a little nervous from you asking so many questions at once. Don’t be angry ah, this is business ah. Of course it is buy it at the low price and sell it at high price ah, or how else to profit? If you are not anxious to have money, you would not sell it to me at that low price either, right? If you really could not bear to sell it, you can buy it again ah.]

Mi Qing: “……”

How can there be such a thick-skinned and shameless person!

But the coat was indeed sold to her already. Mi Qing did not have the rights to supervise what she do to the coat. She closed her laptop with a ‘pa’ sound, stood up and walked around in her room.

If it wasn’t for the landlord, who kept chasing her for the money, she would not be that anxious to sell that coat……she really felt like beating him to death!

After walking for a few circles, Mi Qing’s angered finally cooled a little. When she was about to lift up her newly bought cup with bunny ears, she saw a cockroach climbing up from the ground.

“Ah––!!” Mi Qing screamed, quickly opened her door and ran out.

Xiao Gu was in the living room, sitting on the sofa and was watching the television. Husky was hanging on his back, disturbing its owner. Mi Qing ignored the weird situation they were in, and loudly complaint, “What kind of room is that, there was a cockroach!”

Xiao Gu looked at her, then said in a calm voice: “There are mice too.”

Mi Qing:“……”

She was now wearing her rabbit ear pajamas, with a face pale from fright, she looked very rabbit-like. Xiao Gu looking at her felt that it was a little funny: “You saw a cockroach and became this scared? Take the slippers and kill it.”

Mi Qing collapsed authentically: “You go! I cannot! Hurry up!”

Xiao Gu intolerantly arched an eyebrow, he rose up from the sofa, bypassing the husky. Mi Qing followed behind him as he entered the room, she pointed towards the corner: “It’s there! Quickly kill it!”

Xiao Gu walked towards it and stepped on it. Mi Qing quickly looked away, not wanting to see the disgusting scene.

After Xiao Gu eliminated the cockroaches, he also helped her eliminate the corpses. Mi Qing checked to see that there were no traces on the floor before she finally felt relieved.

Xiao Gu went to the door, then turned back to Mi Qing and said: “Here’s a tip, when cockroaches appear it’s never just one. If you see a cockroach, it means that out of your sight, there is a group of cockroaches.

Mi Qing: “……”

“Oh god, I must have owed this Landlord in my past life, and now have to spend this life paying back the debt!”


Boss Xiao’s storefront poster ***fufufu***


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