Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage Chapter 8


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Chapter 8: Job

The following two days, Mi Qing was focussed on sharing her resume online.

The workplace location was of course A City. She carefully picked several major companies that are not affillated with their company and then carefully narrowing it down to three.

Her resume had been out for two days, but up to now she had not received any interview invites.

Feeling peckish she went downstairs to buy bread, and continued to browse job sites online. If the teachers at her school found out that she was scrambling to find a job, how was she supposed to feel?


Her hands grabbed the last bit of bread to finish off, when the phone finally rang. Mi Qing choked on the bread, coughing a few times, and  scrambling to pick up the phone to answer the call.

It really was an interview, at two o’clock in the afternoon. She had an interview at a company!

Mi Qing jumped up from her chair as if she won, cheering loudly.  She rushed to her wardrobe, happily choosing the clothes she would wear to the interview.

In consideration of the seriousness of the interview, she  was looking for a long-sleeved pleated white shirt, coupled with a navy blue knee high A-line skirt. The kind that the elite work clothes prefered in the west.

She put on her plaid coat and stood in front of the mirror and took pictures, feeling that the look was impeccable, before returning to the computer to begin to find posts about interview experience.  

At noon she happily made a bowl of instant noodles. Although she was about to embark on the journey of finding work, she really had to eat these instant noodles before they expired. 

Finished with her lunch, Mi Qing at half past twelve  left the house–thinking of the past experience people posted online, they said that arriving early would leave a good impression.   

Stepping down from the taxi, she stood downstairs for a bit, gathering her emotions. The company was built in the center of the city, surrounded by tall buildings, it was all very busy.  But even in such an environment, this company’s building was still very eye-catching.

  Mi Qing took a deep breath, stepped forward in her heels and went in side. 

At the entrance there is sign, it was dedicated to guiding the people who were participating in todays interview. Mi Qing followed the arrow, and successfully found the place for the interview. She thought that she had arrived early, however she did not expect the amount of people sitting and waiting in the hall.  

There were employees handing out work forms. After verifying that she was there to attend an interview, he gave out the form. Mi Qing filled out the form, handed it back to the staff member, and was also told to wait in the hall.

She stood and observed them for a moment, noticing that both men and women were participating in the interview, were all wearing suits, in contrast, her specially selected clothes suddenly looked too casual.

Mi Qing consoled herself. “It doesn’t matter. Although I did not wear a suit, I am still looking my best. Otherwise they are looking at themselves and seeing what?”  

 Facing the many curious eyes, Mi Qing gave everyone her standard stewardess smile. 

A girl that was close to her leaned over and whispered: “You’re here to attend the interview?”   

Mi Qing: “Yes ah.” 

The girl did not speak again, withdrawing and creating a distance between her and Mi Qing.

At two the interview started on time. In accordance with the company’s interview guidelines, the staff member called them by name in the order that they filled out their form. 

Mi Qing’s turn came about an hour after the process started.  She tidied her hair and coat and walked into the interview room.   

  A total of three people were sitting inside, and in the middle is the only woman.

Mi Qing was fully prepared and removed the neccessary material out of her shoulder bag, handed it over to them, and sat on the chair in the middle of the room   

The HR woman did not look at her resume, but stared at her for a while: “Miss Mi your family circumstances seem to be good?”  

Mi Qing never thought that she would be asked this question was stunned for a moment, before replying: “Ah, it’s alright.”   

The other party said: “I just saw the address you put on our company’s profile is not in the same city. Does Miss Mi has friends or family in A City?”  

Mi Qing: “No, I am currently renting a place here.”   

The HR lady nodded her head: “I see.” she looked down at Mi qings resume for a moment before asking, “Then why does Miss Mi want to join our company?”   

Mi Qing is finally relieved to hear this question, as almost every company will ask this question. She already had an answer prepared- it was nothing more than that she liked the work culture and spirit of the company. That it allowed people to challenge themselves and promoted self reinvention.

For this round of the interview most of the questions were asked  by the HR woman in the middle. Mi Qing felt that her answers were pretty good. Finally when the other side asked her how much was her expected salary, she deliberately did not say too much: “five thousand”.

The HR lady smiled, looked at her and said: “Five thousand would not buy your skirt right?”   

Mi Qing thought for a moment, then nodded: “Right, I cannot buy this skirt.”    

The HR lady did not continue to ask her questions and just let her go back. As to whether or not she was hired, they would send an sms notification as soon as possible. 

When Mi Qing got home, Xiao Gu and the husky were not in. She looked at the clock and thought that around this time was when he usually walked his dog. 

She returned to her room, put on her slippers and pyjamas, and took some instant noodles out.   

In order to prevent herself from getting hungry too quickly, this time she took two bags, ready to be cooked directly by the pot.   

Although she couldn’t cook, she can still boil the water. She found a pot in the kitchen, poured some water to boil, then covered it and put it down. After cooking, she sat directly in the living room, watching tv while eating noodles. 

Halfway through, the phone which she placed in the pocket of her pyjamas shook a little. Mi Qing put down her meal, and quickly pulled out the phone.

“Dear Miss Mi Qing, I’m sorry to inform you that you did not pass our initial interview. I hope that you continue to work hard, and soon you will find the right niche for you.”    

Mi Qing read the SMS three times, before putting the phone back in her pocket.  

She put her rabbit ear hat on her head, pulling it down and burying her face in her hands.

“Why did she not pass? She answered the questions the HR lady asked quite well, was it because her salary expectations were too high? But was five thousand considered too high? A city market prices werent low ah.”    

Xiao Gu and the husky were finished with their walk. At the door they saw Mi Qing sitting motionless in the living room, lifeless with her head bowed, he immediately narrowed his eyes: “You promised not to die in my room.” 

  Mi Qing: “……”

She looked up, glancing at Xiao Gu by the door: “I just feel depressed.” 

“Oh.” Xiao Gu took the husky inside. “Fed up of eating pickled beef flavored noodles?” 

Mi Qing’s mouth turned down, not saying anything. The husky cried ‘Woof’ and threw itself at the table, watching her eat the rest of the noodles.  

Mi Qing: “……”

She picked up the fork again, quickly putting the bowl of noodles towards her face to be eaten.

They heard the husky’s pitiful cry.   

Xiao Gu took some dog food from the kitchen, and poured some in a bowl: “Come over here for your dinner.” 

The husky grudginly went to eat the dog food, Xiao Gu looked at the also depressed Mi Qing, and asked: “Did you fail in finding a job?”  

  Mi Qing: “……”

“Was it written on her face that she failed in finding a job?” 

Seeing that Mi Qing did not speak, Xiao Gu laughed loudly, and walked over to the other side of the sofa to sit down: “You went abroad to go to university and can’t easily find a job?”

Mi Qing: “……” 

She raised her hand and pulled her hat down, angrily looked at him and said: “And you? What is your university,  or did you not graduate from high school?”

Xiao Gu’s eyebrow rose slightly, and he did not respond.  

Mi Qing cried disdainfully,  pulling down her hat, and continued to sulk in the living room.

Xiao Gu looked at her for a while, then asked: “What kind of company did you go for interview?”  

Mi Qing was silent for a moment, then told him the company name.  

Xiao Gu responded: “You sent your resume to such a big company?” 

   Mi Qing nodded.

Xiao Gu: “…..“ Although you went to a foreign university, you’re only an undergraduate.  In such a large trading company, you won’t be able to compete there. Secondly, you don’t have any work experience. Third, you don’t look ready. If I was in HR, I would not hire you, too. )

Mi Qing: “……”  

The first two points she can’t refute, but the third one she can fight for: “How do I not look ready?”  

Xiao Gu laughed: “You are such a rich young miss, who will think that you will work for a long time? A big factor to company recruitment is  the stability of the job seekers, and with you there are way too many unstable factors.”

Mi Qing frowned: “Oh, is that why I’ve been unable to find work?”

Xiao Gu said: “You can try to apply for some small to medium companies, when it comes time to interview wear something low-key.”   

Mi Qing lips tightened, and she turned her head away.  

Xiao Gu suddenly pretended to be authentic: “Oh, I forgot, how this young miss sees small businesses. Unfortunately, it seems big companies despise you. 

Mi Qing: “……”   

 Probably feeling that Mi Qing is being bullied, the husky put aside its own dog food, and came over to comfort her: “Woof!”  

It wagged its tail at Mi Qing. Mi Qing’s heart was so touched it could burst, at that instant she would like to give it some instant noodles.

 She touched the dogs head: “Little Bastard, you’re an animal but still better than some humans.” 

Xiao Gu watched the husky crowding her and asked: “Hmm I’ll say……you’re no longer afraid of the dog now?”  

Mi Qing was also aware of this problem, looked at him stunned: “I’m not just afraid of it anymore.”  

Xiao Gu took the dog back to eat it’s food, then causally asked: “Have you been bitten by a dog before?”  

Mi Qing answered: “I was frightened by a dog when I was very little.”   She still remembered those ferocious eyes loud and clear. “But then someone helped me drive the dog away.” 

Xiao Gu turned and looked back at her, his tone joking: “Listening to your tone, it must have been a boy that saved you.”    

Mi Qing turned her eyes towards him: “A big brother of mine.”  

Xiao Gu said, “And then you secretly love him?” he laughed. “Little girl, you’re really easy to cheat.”   

Mi Qing stared at him dissatisfied, and said: “He is my hero.”  



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